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5 tips and tricks to buying CBD flowers at wholesale

Shopping CBD flowers at wholesale for the first time? Or in search of some expert tips and tricks to get your hands on the finest CBD flowers at the best possible rates? Well, you’ve landed at the right place! This article is the ultimate guide to buying CBD flowers wholesale.

The aroma

An important factor to consider before buying CBD flowers is their aroma. The general rule of thumb followed is: The stronger the smell, the better the quality. Therefore, nice smelling CBD flowers should be the ones that go in your shopping cart. The stronger the aroma, the higher is its Terpene level. Terpenes originate from many plants and are the main ingredients found in essential oils. In fact, the aroma in CBD flowers comes from Terpenes.

Know more about the CBD flower before bulk buying

Before checking out with tons of CBD flowers on your shopping cart, make sure they have less than 0.3% THC content as mentioned by the PharmAct bill 2018. However, you may ask why is the proportion of THC so crucial to consider? This is because, higher levels of THC mean a higher level of intoxication, which, therefore, makes them illegal. In order to face zero hassles with processing your shipment with the authorities, be mindful of the THC percentage.

Pay special attention to the strains of the flower.

The three most important strains to consider are:

  • The CBD content of the flower
  • Terpene Concentration (explained below in detail)
  • Lineage

Be mindful of the tones

The Brown and yellow tones of the flower indicate rottenness. Therefore, the more vibrant and bushy the flower is, the higher it is in terms of its quality. Green tones of CBD flowers show their freshness and quality, however, other vibrant colors such as purple also indicate good quality CBD flowers.

Is the flower-covered with Trichomas?

Trichomas are the tiny white hair on the outer area of the CBD flower. These are invisible to the naked eye and therefore, in order to see them, one can take a picture and zoom in.

Trichomas are an indicator of high-quality flowers. Therefore, the greater the coverage of trichomonas on the flower, the higher is the flower quality.

Know where the hemp is coming from

You should be aware of what you’re consuming and where it’s coming from. Environmental factors such as rainfall, atmosphere, sunlight, etc affect the quality of the hemp.

Is the flower mature?

Pistils, similar in appearance to trichomonas but often in gold, red or purple color, represent the maturity of the flower. There will be no/fewer pistils on the flower if it is plucked before it has reached its maturity stage.

Check their density and form

Hollow and light flowers should never be the ones to go in your shopping cart. Always look for high-density, tight, and well-shaped flowers as they are the ones with a high CBD content. It is also important to avoid too wet or too dry flowers.