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5 Tips on How to Plan a Cool Bachelor Party

A symbolic way of saying goodbye to someone’s single life is to throw him a bachelor party. Now, since everybody hopes they will get married once in their life, it is very important to send them off to married life with a crazy bachelor party. If you are organizing one for your best friend, here are some helpful tips on how to make it the night you all will talk about year after year.


You should choose the location based on the theme or formality of the party. Since we suppose you are not going to have a fancy dinner in a restaurant, we recommend staying in someone’s house, if you want a less crowded atmosphere for a few people. Or you can find a private pool, rent an apartment, club, or even book a weekend trip. Do this a few months before the actual event to make sure you can get a good deal and can even find a venue. And one thing you should think about is organizing transportation to the place because there is probably going to be a lot of drinking.

Fun trip destinations

If you do decide on a trip, you will need a lot more planning, but you will also have so much fun. Some of the popular destinations for a bachelor party are, of course, Las Vegas, where you can go gambling, Miami where you can go to crazy beach parties, Mexico, Greece, or Australia for enjoying the sun and the sea, or Amsterdam for a one-of-a-kind, taboo-free experience.


Okay, so you have the location. The next important step is to think of the entertainment for the night. Sitting and drinking while talking is how you spend all your other weekends, so make this one more fun. The most obvious thing is strippers, which you can hire to come to you and put on a show, or you can go to a strip club and party there, which requires less organization. For all of you who want to take it a step further, check out Mayfair Confidential where you can find anything you want, from simple companionship to porn star and BDSM services. Aside from this, you can create a perfect guys’ night by adding poker or video games.

Food and drinks

No bachelor party is complete without food and drinks, which is why you should think about that on time. You want to keep this part as easy as possible, so no cooking, just foods that you can order, or make yourself quickly. Finger food, sandwiches, pizza, barbeque, and steaks are some of the things you should get. Everybody loves it, and you don’t have to stop the party.

As for the drinks, go for what you all like to drink, but make it a bit interesting. If you want to drink beer, you can buy some craft ones, and even get a cag. Cocktails are not for girls only, so find some recipes online where you can mix scotch, beer, or brandy with energy drinks, or sodas.

Decoration and supplies

Women aren’t the ones who take their time and invest in decorations like crowns, flowers, photo frames, and much else. Although men are not that into esthetics, there are some décor and supply ideas you can have fun with. You can get glasses with a funny caption, beer can light set, funny stripper straws, and maybe even create a hangover kit with some wet wipes, pain meds, water, and a towel. For those of you who want to decorate the place, balloons in black and silver, or gold, and party banners which you are going to design yourself are a great idea.

A good organization, some drinks, and a lot of fun are what makes a bachelor party. Use this little guide to give you some ideas on what and how to plan, and we are sure you will have the most memorable experience.

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