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5 Tips to celebrate the wedding anniversary of your grandparents

Wedding anniversaries have always been a special occasion for every individual. Similarly, grandparents’ anniversary shall be made equally special for them. They have walked a long way together through life. They have been through storm and calm, which is to be adored and respected. Therefore, on an occasion as auspicious as a wedding anniversary, you shall plan something worth cherishing within your budget. This shall definitely bring a smile on your grandparents’ faces. Some tips to celebrate your grandparents’ anniversary have been discussed below.


The most common yet appealing idea to celebrate a wedding anniversary is to throw a small house party in order to honor the grandparents’ marital relationship. The party can be organized using a theme or in a regular manner. One can arrange a cake of preference and get some bottles of red or white wine. Food can be ordered or cooked at home. The little gathering can work wonders in bringing the family closer and make the grandparents’ feel connected to the rest of the members. An evening with the family and grandparents is a simple yet sweet idea for the celebration.


A romantic movie or a play is what one would prefer to watch on his or her wedding anniversary. This day of love can be celebrated efficiently if you book your grandparents tickets to a movie or a theatre. They shall enjoy thoroughly through the date you have arranged for them. Setting them up on a date in the evening will allow them some time away from the rest and offer them an opportunity to spend quality time together and relive the older days.


A barbeque party on the lawn on a starry evening is a romantic and precious idea. Nothing matches good times spent with your family and loved ones over a barbeque session. It allows you enough time to talk to your close ones and cherish old memories. You can ask your grandparents to narrate the stories from their youth days like how they met in order to make them feel special. The food adds on to the mood of the party and gels with the atmosphere. Wedding anniversaries shall be all about the couple concerned and distractions such as phones shall be kept away. This would offer them moments to cherish forever.


Gifts form a crucial part of every occasion. You can talk to your grandparents to know their preferences in detail. This shall be followed by careful research on the presents for them. Once done, the purchase can take place. The gifts should be economical as well as well thought of. As they say, it is more about the person behind the gift than the commodity. If you are planning to buy a precious item like wedding rings, you must select it carefully. Engagement rings Hatton Gardens offer a wide range of jewelry that would cater to your budget and requirements.


Another excellent idea for celebrating grandparents’ wedding anniversary is to book them a table at their favourite restaurant or any other dining place of their choice. This simple date would offer them a sweet evening outdoor along with some quality time for each other. Thus, you shall insist on them to go on a dinner date and enjoy their evening together.

Therefore, in order to make grandparents’ wedding anniversary memorable, you must plan the celebration days prior. The celebration, however it is, shall be made special for them. In case you are planning to purchase them gifts, jewelry is an appealing choice. Hatton Garden jewellers offer a number of jewelry in a wide range of designs and style. This shall serve your purpose efficiently. Also, you can plan an overnight stay near any exotic beaches in London with them. They will surely love your gesture.