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5 Tips to Cut Down Your Air Conditioning Costs in 2021

Air conditioners, by and large, are the main culprits behind high electricity bills. We use them every day to avoid the brutality of summer. Spending a hot and humid day without AC seems impossible. It means using air conditioners is inevitable.

High electricity bills always make us feel terrified. How to lower electricity consumption?

Lowering your energy bill and enjoying a cool breeze is possible at the same time. There are true and tried ways through which you can achieve the purpose of cutting down your electricity costs.

Sometimes we don’t pay attention to things that can help us save energy costs. We just turn on the air conditioner without taking into account important considerations. That’s the reason why an average household in the US has to pay higher electricity bills.

Arizona, being one of the warmest states in the United States, is hard to cool. People living here have to pay the highest electricity bills. According to research, Arizona residents pay three times more as compared to an average American resident living in other states.

An average US citizen spends around $300 annually on air conditioning needs. Around 84% of homes in the country use air conditioners to keep their homes cool. That’s the reason why it needs great attention.

Here you are going to explore trusted ways to cut down on air conditioning.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Air conditioners have to work harder when direct sunlight comes inside your room. You might have glass windows, ventilators, and doors. They allow sunlight to come inside and create trouble for the AC.

When an air conditioning unit has to work hard, it will consume more power to operate. Therefore, try to make things favorable to create a cooling environment. Facilitate your AC to cool your area by shading the windows and doors.

The use of curtains is a good way to stop sunlight from interfering. If curtains don’t do the job well, try applying a sun control film on the window glass. It helps in restricting sunlight from entering your home. You can buy these online or from the nearest supermarket.

The basic purpose is to keep your indoor away from direct exposure to sunlight. After the implementation, your AC will begin to cool your home faster than expected. It won’t have to work harder for hours to achieve the desired thermostat.

Use High Thermostat

Air conditioners consume a high amount of electricity when you set the thermostat low. One of the best ways to cut down power costs is to set the thermostat high. It’s easy for an air conditioner to achieve a high thermostat. For instance, if your AC covers a temperate range from 16 degrees to 32 degrees.  Try setting the thermostat at around 25 degrees. You should be able to enjoy a good atmosphere inside when your AC brings down the temperature from 45 degrees to 25 degrees.

It will have to work quite harder if you set the thermostat to 16 degrees. As a result, the unit will consume more electricity. You can save a lot on electricity by setting the thermostat high.

Another way to maximize efficiency is to use a smart thermostat. This technology will help you maintain a good inside temperature even if you are asleep. The smart thermostat automatically turns off the air conditioner when the desired temperature is achieved successfully.

Many latest AC units come with built-in features to save energy. You can use these features to help reduce overall energy costs. Make sure you are aware of using the new technology. Read the manual to seek the right assistance.

Look After Air Filters

Air conditioners come with air filters. They restrict dust particles and other microorganisms to enter the cooled air. If you don’t clean them after regular intervals, they are likely to become full of debris. As a result, a smooth flow of air becomes impossible.

The interrupted airflow makes it harder for the air conditioner to draw in the fresh air. Eventually, it starts consuming more energy. Therefore, don’t wait for them to be blocked. Try to clean air filters at least once a week in the summer. Follow the instructions mentioned in the user manual to perfectly clean them.

Students often find it difficult to complete their homework when busy cleaning their air conditioners. They can get expert assistance from a reliable writing service in the UK to secure good grades. In this way, they can take care of household chores without being worried about pending academic assignments.

You can consider replacing them if you spot something broken or inappropriate. You should be able to get new air filters online. Just mention the model name of your unit and find relevant accessories from Amazon, Walmart, or other trustworthy online shops.

Run Ceiling Fans

Using ceiling fans to circulate cool air is a good strategy to save electricity costs. The idea of using a ceiling fan is developed to stop the air conditioner from working too hard to pump air in every corner of the house.

AC will cool the indoor environment while the ceiling fan will ensure proper airflow around. You might be wondering that using both ceiling fan and AC simultaneously might consume more energy. Well, that’s not true.

Ceiling fan partners with AC to build a good indoor environment. This strategy works only when you live on the ground floor of a two-story building.

Don’t try to use a ceiling fan on the upper story because it will catch heat from the ceiling. The ceiling of the upper story is directly exposed to sunlight. It is likely to be hotter than expected. That’s why people living on the upper story should avoid using ceiling fans while the air conditioner is turned on.

Use an Energy-Efficient AC

If you have an old model installed, it must be consuming a high amount of electricity. Technology is getting smarter every day. The latest technological advancements have made human lives simpler. Saving the cost of electricity has always been a thing of concern.

Thanks to the arrival of energy-efficient air conditioners.  Keeping in mind the rising fear of high electricity bills, tech giants have introduced AC units that consume a low amount of energy. They are based on the SEER rating system. The Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio determines how efficient the air conditioner is in saving electricity costs. A higher rating means higher energy efficiency.

There are miscellaneous advantages of using an advanced energy-efficient air conditioner. Some of the prominent ones are mentioned below:

Low Electricity Bills: Advanced air conditioners are based on energy-efficient technology. They are designed to save electrical costs. According to the Department of Energy, an average US citizen can save up to 50% on electricity bills by using a good energy-efficient air conditioner. Try looking for a unit with high SEER ratings.

Great Performance: Aside from being efficient in energy saving, an AC based on new technology offers great performance as compared to traditional or outdated units. Smart technology allows them to work smartly. They start consuming a very low amount of electricity after the set temperature is achieved successfully.

Being energy-efficient doesn’t mean compromising on the quality of cooling. You will still be able to enjoy improved cooling while saving hundreds of bucks every month. An ordinary unit sucks a lot of energy and doesn’t deliver good results. Therefore, try opting for a new unit if you want to get a massive relief.

Zero Maintenance Cost: Energy-efficient air conditioners have no maintenance cost. They have built-in cleaning features that keep the fins perfectly cleaned. It means you won’t have to hire electricians time and again. Just let the auto-clean function work to make your AC like new.

You should have everything mentioned in the manual. Just press the auto clean button on the remote controller and let your unit clean itself. It should take just half an hour for an energy-efficient air conditioner to complete the cleaning process.

Eco-Friendly Cooling: Air conditioning units manufactured nowadays use eco-friendly technology. They don’t have any damaging effects on the environment. Residents feel perfectly secure without getting worried about ozone-damaging refrigeration.

Zero Noise and Perfect Hygiene: Using an energy-efficient cooling unit means you won’t have to bear noise at all. They are quiet and work silently to make your home cool and clean. The built-in germ-killing technology kills harmful bacteria that may exist in the indoor environment. You can easily make your indoor air quality great by opting for an energy-efficient AC.

Longer Life Cycle: If you intend to buy an advanced AC, then you must be going to enjoy stress-free cooling for several years to come. Air conditioners based on the latest technology have a comparatively longer lifecycle. They work efficiently for many years without creating problems for users. Don’t think about the replacement if you are going to get a good quality air conditioner based on the latest technology.