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5 tips to get your video viral on instagram faster

Instagram is now more than just a photography hub. Instagram views are that tool that can make your virtually unknown brand reach an audience if you know how to harness their power. In some cases a video just goes viral, no other factors are involved, but it’s rare. Most of the time influencers have to resort to other tactics which are to buy Instagram followers. With Instagram reels now in place, those TikTok views you had from your audience might translate into Instagram followers too.

So you don’t know how to play the game of social media? No worries, let us quickly tell you a few great tips to get your video viral on Instagram:


When you are new to it, it is always better to know where you stand concerning your peers. Most of your potential audience will already be following them, so you will get an idea of their taste too. When some content put up by them starts garnering more Instagram views, you know this is the type of video that would work. Try to think of a way to reproduce that content in your special style. If possible, you can get written consent from the influencer to recreate the video. Strategize beforehand about the videos you would put up so that there is no long delay between videos, make a content delivery schedule, and the audience likes someone regular in their content.


Investing in Instagram analytics platforms will give you a clear idea of your followers. This ranges from their age group to their psychological personas. To grow your audience you can initially buy Instagram views as people are more likely to follow pages that already have a strong base of followers. It pays off quickly in the long run as your audience is converted to more organic views and followers. Instagram analytics platforms help you identify your target audience and the content that is likely to forge a good relationship between the two of you. You can also adjust your schedule for posting videos and use the right hashtags. Analytics help you understand your audience by quick, technical methods that save you the confusion of what content will work.


The audience loves someone who engages with them, it just gives off a friendly vibe. Don’t use one word or just one emoji for replies, it would make people assume you are replying just for the sake of it. Leave meaningful comments for your followers and they will in turn forward your videos to more people. Instagram is a social media app, after all, so you get a handle on things like engagement and involvement beforehand. Like other posts and leave relevant and appreciative comments on them to make your account visible to a certain niche. Compliment your peers’ videos to gain more Instagram views for yourself. To create a viral video on Instagram you need to know what makes your audience go wild for your content or you can also try some of the best social media marketing agencies to get your video viral in no time.


There are businesses now who are aware of the potential behind sponsored Instagram posts as people are more likely to find them appealing than your usual ads. Social media has risen to great heights and now influences people’s purchases greatly. Many websites allow you to buy Instagram views. You can start from there to get noticed and when you have built a substantial following reach out to brands who would like to do business with you. A good collaboration also leads to gains for your followers. You can partner with a brand to run a viral Instagram contest that would give you more exposure and can be a great boost for your profile. Put out a great prize for the winner, which encourages your audience to enter the contest. Giveaways for random people are a good way to go viral too.


However much you do the trending stuff, recreate other content, or just pile on the bandwagon of popular hashtags, it won’t get you far unless you add your hint of uniqueness to it. You should create videos that are completely your idea, from the scratch. It shows your audience that you are trying to make your original content and they will appreciate you more. Embrace your flaws, show your audience your mistakes in funny sketches, it shows them that you have a humorous side and can make a good joke. Be patient if it doesn’t work out at first, but keep trying to churn out new content. You never know what will strike the audience as viral video material and make you popular.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps. It is making it easy for celebrities and influencers to maintain a following and engage with their audience, fostering stronger relationships with them. While getting your video viral won’t be easy, once you make it, it will all be worth the effort. We have given you a few tips that will make your video go viral on Instagram. Mix and match the advice that resonated with you to create your roadmap to success. All there’s left to do is for you to get started on the work and you never know, your video could be the next big thing that takes the internet by storm.