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5 Tips To Help Carry Out Post COVID Back-to-school Bathroom Upgrades

A few months ago, most parents probably wouldn’t have asked for the condition of the school bathroom. But with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing new behaviors and new hygienic patterns, parents are bound to pay more attention to the classrooms, playgrounds, and of course the bathroom.

5 Tips For COVID-19 Remodelling in School

Dealing with kids is a handful everywhere and even more in a situation where their all-around safety is three to four times as important as it used to be. It is for this reason that- as a school manager, you must use the little time available before resumption to carry out a COVID-19-preventive renovation in their private room. Bathroom remodeling at a time like will ensure, parents’ minds are at rest, increased value for the school, and of course, a safe haven for the children.

  1. Remodel the bathroom to fit new behavior

The number of cases is on a fast decline and business is already becoming business as usual. Though the memories are fading away, it is very important to ensure safety across all rooms in the school, bathroom inclusive. A long queue of kids in the bathroom should be discouraged during recess or breaks. As a result, it is important to increase, if not double the number of bathroom stalls in the school. The windows, plumbing, and doors should also be considered in this remodeling. It is also very important to visit They are experts in bathroom partitioning. Having bathroom partitions helps to reduce contact among the kids in school.

  1. Choose Partition Materials that Works With The New Plan

Kids grow faster this day, you would be surprised by the number of kids that will be more mature than they were before the pandemic. Many of the students would have entered puberty, they need to be put into consideration too. To effectively use the right partition for the bathroom would also want to use the right measurement. On that note, only experts can give you the best quality at the best price. You must realize that the most expensive isn’t always the best, neither is the cheapest the worst. Experience, level of professionalism, number of satisfied customers are others to put into consideration. An expert will put the children first and ensure all their needs are met.

  1. Ensure it Looks Good and feels Good 

If you are still thinking nobody really cares about how a bathroom looks like, then check this out. 60% of students do a lot of self-reflection, hiding, crying, and chit chats during school hours in the bathroom. The time spent there speaks volumes of how the general feel of school will be to them. It may or may not follow the school’s color themes, but it must convey a peaceful and welcoming feeling to remain the kid’s safe haven. Secondly, if you don’t want your school bathroom to be mismanaged and defaced, you shouldn’t hold back in going all out to ensure it looks good and feels good. Looking good shouldn’t be about the colors of the walls, the tiles on the floor or the type of toilet seat in use. The type of partition and spaces between each partition should also be considered.

  1. Triple Your hygiene Measures

Every bathroom is a potential den for breeding germs particularly when you have more than three people using it. Also, endemics lead to epidemics and epidemics to pandemics. You don’t want the CDC to start investigating your school for an infection outbreak. In a public space, it is always difficult or impossible to allocate a certain number of people or the number of usage to a bathroom hence, the bathroom must be kept clean at all times. Although there are already measures to maintain at least 20% disinfection, there is more to be done. The covid-19 pandemic has definitely caused everyone to be extras in the aspect of neatness, and this must extend to the bathrooms too. Sanitizer should be made available and all surfaces should be disinfected regularly.

  1. Limit The Touch

With the advent of sensor gadgets, people are shifting away from touch gadgets. Any remodeling taking place should not encourage touch or long queues in the bathroom. The paper towel dispenser, soap dispenser, and toilet paper dispenser should NOT be neglected during the remodeling and replaced if need be.

Wrap Up

Amongst the many things the covid 19 pandemics has taught us, the level of cleanliness many people adopted tops the good list. And like we said earlier, you can never be too safe with kids, and the bathroom is a good place to start.

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