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5 Tips to Keep Your Bike Safe

Bike theft is a common problem for cyclists to have to deal with. While there’s nothing like getting on your bike and spending the day outdoors taking in your surroundings, the unfortunate truth is that you need to be prepared for thieves, vandals, and other criminal activities.

If you’re a keen cyclist or someone who relies on your bike on a daily basis to get to work, it’s important to keep it as safe as possible. Whether it’s a sturdy lock, choosing a safer location to leave it, or finding a safe bicycle rack, make sure that your bike is secure.

In order to prevent your bike from potential damage or theft, here are our 5 tips to keep your bike safe.

Find a Well-lit Area

One of the best ways to deter vandals and bike thieves is by leaving your bike in an extremely well-lit place. If you leave your property somewhere that’s close to a lamppost or other sources of light, you can rest assured that if it begins to get dark your bike is still lit up and clear to see.

Give Your Bike a Unique Mark

Put a unique marking on your bike that only you’re aware of. This way, if the worst should happen and your bike is stolen, you’re able to easier identify the bike’s appearance to the police. Some police forces even offer markings that they’re able to put on bikes that make it easier for them to track down in the event of a theft.

Either way, making your bike as personal as possible through subtle markings will help to get your bike back to you in no time.

Remove the Wheel

This is a tried and tested method of bike safety. After all, no thief wants to steal a bike that cannot be used. If you’re worried about carrying the wheel around with you, you can chain the wheel to a solid part of your bike.

The effort and time it would take to try and remove the chain and add the wheel back onto your bike make theft highly unlikely, and keeps you secure in the knowledge that you’re being as safe as can be.

Invest in a Quality Bike Lock

With so many options when it comes to finding a good bike lock, it’s understandable why people can sometimes ignore the benefits of buying a good quality one.

In this instance, you certainly get what you pay for. There are several poor-quality bike locks that are easily removed by hand alone. Take the time to research and explore your options. With a little effort now, you’re saving yourself a huge headache later on in the event of theft.

Bike Racks and Safe Storage

The most effective method of bike storage is by getting a safe and secure bike rack to keep your bike in one place and free from theft.

At Barries Direct, we offer some of the largest selections of bike racks in the UK. With various styles and price ranges, we have a bike rack range that suits every need and budget.

If you’re limited on space, our range of wall-mounted bike racks are flexible when fitted, and can be adjusted to up to 180 degrees when moved.