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5 top firms to consult for immigration to Canada

Planning to travel overseas soon? Unsure of whom to contact for immigration? Don’t worry as we’ve got you covered! Immigrating to Canada is an exciting idea as it offers a whirlpool of opportunities and therefore, attracts immigrants from all over the globe. Due to its high education standard, high standards of living, and low crime rates, Canada is a popular choice amongst immigrants. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 firms, and their immigration programs like Saskatchewan Canada Immigration, you can consult for immigration to Canada.

Canada Safe Haven Immigration

Canada Safe Haven Immigration was established in 2010 as a Woodbridge and Paralegal Consulting agency. They are privately owned by a team of highly competitive, experienced, and licensed Paralegals. Their services include: Citizenship, Family Sponsorships, Permanent Residency, Super Visa, Study Permits, Visitor Visas, and much more

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program is a program by Canada Safe Haven Immigration Consultant where immigrants come to Canada on a temporary work permit but later they become eligible for nomination after setting up their business in Saskatchewan. This is excellent for those people who’re planning to set up their own business in Saskatchewan and be actively involved in running in.

Canadian Immigration Law Firm

Canadian immigration ranks second in this list. Hiring an immigration lawyer is not necessary as the process of immigration may seem straightforward; however, there are many complex legal considerations that require professional assistance. Canadian Immigration Law Firm provides timely assistance, charges a flat rate, helps with interview preparation, notifies file status immediately, and provides compliant application submission.

Bellissimo Law Group

Bellissimo Law Group caters to all corporate and individual immigration needs and holds special expertise in appeals, medical and inadmissibility cases. The unique aspect of this immigration company is that it accepts only a few cases in order to impart excellent service. Secondly, Bellissimo Law Group is a big name in the Immigration services industry as their lawyers have worked in cases that shape the immigration laws in Canada today. It has an experience dating back to over 40 years which means that your immigration to Canada will be hassle-free for you. Their services include urgent cases, inadmissibility, citizenship, temporary residence, and permanent residence.

Amir Ismail and Associates

Amir Ismail and Associates is a Toronto-based firm with consultants in Toronto, Dubai, Qatar, Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. They’ve been in the consultancy industry since 1991, therefore, with an experience of 75 years, Amir Ismail and Associates have made their name due to their highly personalized immigration consultancy services. This firm has received professional accreditation from the World Citizenship Council, Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants, and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

Nationwide Immigration Services

Nationwide Immigration Services has featured in Forbes as one of the best Canada Immigration services. The success of this firm is due to their works ethics, values, and high-quality consulting services that they provide to their clients. They provide consultancy services to all types of programs like Canada Express Entry, PNO, Spousal Sponsorship, Study Visa, and various other entry routes.