5 Top YouTubers with College Vlogs

In today’s world, there are plenty of ways to get information on college. You can go to the campus itself and take a tour, or you can search online for reviews of different schools. But one of the best ways to learn about college life is to watch videos made by college students themselves.

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This article will list five different YouTube channels that feature vlogs about college life. While this list is not ranked in any particular order, all five of these vloggers have interesting stories and videos to share.

5. TheStrive Studies

Jamie Lee, an emergency medicine student it the mastermind behind TheStrive Studies and TheStrive Fit channels on YouTube. These channels have a significant subscriber count of 750,000 collectively.

With more than 50 videos of Jamie documenting her life through medical school, there is enough helpful content for students who are contemplating joining medical school in college.

Jamie has “study with me” videos that have been shown to be a popular search on Google. The reason for the popularity of this search term is that subscribers are after getting motivation from watching their favorite YouTuber perform basic tasks to completion.

4. Hannah Elise

With over 700,000 subscribers, this 20-year old college YouTuber creates vlogs about her daily life in college, to update her subscribers. She has a variety of personal vlog content such as “Secrets of a Straight-A College Student”, “Why I’m Transferring”, and others.

With such content, new and continuing students alike can find inspiration to better handle their college life and balance their normal life and study life. It’s always a good idea to follow as wide a variety of YouTubers as possible so that you can learn various tricks on surviving through college as possible.

3. Annmarie Chase

This well-known college YouTuber has a subscriber count of 195,000, thanks to her authenticity and openness in sharing her confessions and college experiences.

The YouTuber, who attends the University of Southern California is fond of showcasing her student life as well as what it is like to be a member of the Greek Community.

Since she focuses a lot on personal vlogs, she is able to keep her content authentic, which gives her current subscribers a reason to stay in addition to earning her new ones.

2. Thomas Frank

This YouTuber became popular on Social Media primarily due to his blog “College Info Geek”. With 2.35 million subscribers, as well as an additional podcast channel, there is a lot to learn from this informative YouTuber regardless of your study level.

1. Elliot Choy

This college vlog YouTuber features videos using the “a day in the life of” style. This routine has been recognized as being effective in creating interest, and this is evident from Elliot Choy’s fast-growing channel which is currently at 1M subscribers.

By sharing lots of information about her typical days, this YouTuber is able to attract a whole crowd of subscribers. Such an audience is made up of subscribers who are interested in watching her complete her tasks for various reasons ranging from inspiration to company.