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5 Unique Tricks to Double Your Fridge Space [So EASY!]

If you keep a lot of food in the house, it’s easy for your fridge to fill up. These tricks will help you double your fridge space so you have more room.

When you’re constantly on the go, organizing your apartment becomes a second thought. And one of the first spots to get cluttered is your fridge. If you’re always running out to get food, it can quickly eat up your fridge space. Instead of trying to cram more food in there, figure out a solution. Not only should you straighten things up, but you should take steps to create more room.

Here are some ingenious storage solutions that will double your fridge space:

1. Try Under-the-Shelf Storage

Did you know there are snap-on drawers that are easy to slide onto your fridge shelves?

Most of the space under each shelf goes to waste. Some items, such as soda bottles, are taller and take up more room. But for the most part, there’s a lot more room you could be using.

Speaking of tall soda bottles, you can lay them down horizontally instead of storing them upright. That’ll make it possible to hang drawers under your shelves.

But back to what we were saying …

It’s up to you to take advantage of unused space. To do this, come up with creative solutions, such as using snap-on drawers.

You likely already have drawers in the fridge, so snap-on drawers are a bonus. Think of the things you can store in them, from deli meat to veggies. (Although, we recommend storing those things in separate drawers.)

Are your add-on drawers smaller due to a smaller sized fridge? Then use them for things like string cheese or apple sauce.

Make it work and double the space!

2. Get Rid of Space-Hogging Containers and Boxes

Take a look at everything in your fridge.

If you see a lot of containers and boxes, ask yourself if you can take food out to free up more space.

For example: If you have individual containers of guacamole in a box, but there’s only one left, ditch the box.

Likewise, if you have a large container with hardly anything leftovers in it, transfer them to a smaller one. (Well, unless you’re going to eat them today.)

Condensing the items on your shelves can create a lot of room. Pretty soon, you’ll have more space than you need!

3. Reuse Six-Pack Boxes

Yes, it’s smart to dispose of containers and cardboard boxes. But if there’s a way to repurpose them, that’s even better.

Six-pack boxes, for instance, are perfect for condiment storage.

It’s normal to get annoyed when ketchup and soy sauce keep toppling over in the fridge. Not only do they create a mess, but you might stuff them into a random spot out of frustration.

Sticking them in a six-pack box will prevent both of those things.

Reusing cardboard boxes is much better than tossing them. And, it’ll help you organize your fridge.

Plus, it’s easy to take the cardboard box out when you want it. You can carry the condiments to the table at dinnertime and slide the whole thing back in when you’re done!

4. Use Handy Fridge Dividers

The problem with an overcrowded fridge is that you can never see what’s inside. But once you organize it, you’ll be able to see what you have to eat. That includes yummy stuff, such as desserts.

Leftovers mustn’t go missing and end up in the far back. That would be a crime! Don’t let leftovers get sucked into the fridge abyss.

To get your food in order, find some fridge dividers. Measure the interior of your fridge and look for ones that fit comfortably inside.

After adding the organizers, you’ll feel glad you took this extra step. You’ll always know what your dinner options are!

5. Line Your Shelves

With transparent shelving, it’s far too easy to lose track of what’s in your fridge. Everything seems to blend into one jumbled mess.

You can prevent this problem by lining each shelf with a fridge mat. They create a visual barrier between the different layers in your refrigerator.

Don’t be afraid to go all out with the mats you select. If you feel like adding a fun pattern to make your fridge look happy, then go for it!

After the mats are in place, it’ll be a lot easier to see everything on your shelves. If you want to find some ketchup, you’ll know exactly where you put it.

Who knew something as simple as a mat could make it simpler to find what you need?

Tip: If you take this route, make sure to get wipeable ones made from plastic or vinyl so they’re easy to clean. Remember, this is supposed to make your life easier, not harder.

In Conclusion

Even if life gets crazy, that doesn’t mean your fridge has to suffer.

Once you get a system in place, stick to it. Then, you won’t have to deal with an overstuffed fridge moving forward.

Even though more space is a good thing, that doesn’t give you an excuse to put everything but the kitchen sink in there.

Strike a balance and only keep what you plan to eat. If you’re smart with your space, you’ll have a fully functional refrigerator.

Now it’s time to grab a tasty snack and be on your way to your next adventure!

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