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5 Useful TikTok Marketing Tips for Beginners

Invented in China TikTok is a new online social media marketing platform used primarily for video uploading and sharing. It started off as a platform targeting the young age group but as more tools are added it is gaining in popularity amongst the older people. It is possible for businesses to buy TikTok accounts from reputable service providers. It now has nearly  1billion active monthly users. It is an ideal online platform for businesses to market themselves and their brands. Let’s consider how beginners can learn to be proficient in the use and application of this new kid on the block.

User-Friendly Platform

The inventor of TikTok certainly knew what ‘ user-friendly’ means because using this online platform there are no complicated steps for those using it for the first time. In fact, it is so straightforward that creating an account and setting up your profile will take less than half an hour. You can approach Accfarm if you would like to buy TikTok accounts.

Step by Step Guide

After setting up the TikTok account you go straight to make and upload your videos. As a beginner, it is strongly recommended that as a first step, you check the ‘For You’ page to get a feel of what’s involved. This page gives suggestions on shooting videos. The beauty of it is that the suggestions become more targeted as you spend more time on this platform. Once you have ideas for your video clear in your mind, you can start filming, unlike other online platforms which require a host of external resources to create content.


  • Create Your Content


TikTok comes with in-built features that enable the user to instantly start the video shoot at the click of a button. As you record your video, part of the screen will let you know the time you have recorded and how much time before the video is finished. The usual maximum running time available for video shoots is 60seconds. There is a special camera that can be interchangeably used during a single video recording. There’s a pause button, another for accelerating or decelerating video speed and there is an in-built filter to adjust picture quality. All this and more shows TikTok is designed to do everything at the mere clicking of buttons.

  • Know your Audience

For those just starting out on using TikTok as an online marketing medium, it is helpful to build meaningful relationships with your target audience. You can choose to buy TikTok accounts to increase your engagement. So do some browsing around to find out how old-timers are using the platform and how users share content and take note of any positive or negative comments they make. Don’t create initial content that’s too serious to start with, use light creative content infused with humour to pique user interest and curiosity. This way you build a community so that when you start pushing your products users can’t help but view your content and start sharing. It really is an original and clever way of building a following and growing your influence.

  • Interact and Engage

In business relationships are important. So work on building them. Connect with competitors in your trade and your community. Engage with your target customers and those following your page. Ask for their comments and suggestions and reply to any correspondence from them. Accfarm is your one-stop-shop if you are looking to improve your social media presence. It’s the way to build a community and grow your influence.

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