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5 Ways On Making Sure Your Signages Are Unique

What is the one thing that makes customers come into stores, especially in areas where it is beyond crowded? Store signs. These signage enable retails to stand out among the rest of their competition. However, it is not as easy plastering signage that makes the brand what it is.

Contrary to popular belief, the “perfect” store signage is not the one that screams a rainbow of colors, nor is it the one that has gold or silver embellishments. Actually, there should be no definition of what the ideal one is. Rather, the most perfect one is the one that embodies the core values, the message, and advocacy of the brand.

Before ordering metal cutout signs for retail store signages, listed below are some of the factors business owners should consider before diving in their first orders:


The uniqueness of anything is probably the first thing that comes into the mind of people who are putting up businesses. Is their product eccentric enough to entice the people to purchase? Is their marketing something new to the public?

The same goes for their retail brand store signage. It should stand out even if it drowns in a pool of competitors. Although, people usually think it is the color choices that make it different. However, it actually is anything that makes it different. So, it can be the palette, the design itself, or even its cutout.

Make sure that it is something that is recognizable even from afar, or even at a quick glance. This is called the “blink test” wherein a prospect customer can immediately tell what the store is or what it is selling even if he or she only quickly passed by the sign.


As stated above, anything can make a metal cutout signage stand out: from its color to its design, or even with its name alone. Most of the time, people only have a couple of seconds to look at the sign. Hence, most business owners only have those moments to capture the attention of their prospects.

In designing the perfect retail store sign, or any business signage really, the key is to know your competition. Look for ways on how to stand out from what they offer. Aim for something different, yet, something simple. Keep in mind that too many colors or text would drown the brand out in a crowd.


Remember that the perfect store sign is something that embodies the brand’s messaging and values. Therefore, all elements that are on the signage is something that means something to the company or one that tells something about the business. Hence, too many words or components on it might lead to confusion.

Probably the best practice for it is to have one thing that would represent the brand, which can also be the logo and the name of the brand. Think of something along the lines of McDonald’s or Dunkin Donut.


At first, it might not seem as important, but lighting actually plays a vital role in the success of a metal cutout sign. Gone are the days when backlit signs or spotlights do the job since a lot of businesses are already on it. The trends these days rely on LED lights or neon lights that truly capture the eyes of prospective customers.

Although, there are a lot of readily available ones in the market. These are the ones that say “open,” “coffee,” and even “pizzas and ice creams here!” While they might seem like a general sign, it succeeds in capturing the attention of anyone who passes by.

However these days, a lot of companies have already taken the liberty of incorporating it not only in their signages but also in their establishment’s designs. Hence, with the neon design and place, everything works with coherence and appears well-established.


In modern days, two-dimensional signages no longer work for businesses. Most people are now attracted to three-dimensional signage. More businesses that offer metal cutout signage do this type of sign with ease.

There are a lot of reasons why it works well. First, it makes it easier to stand out from the competition. Second, it allows the business owners to design the signage as it needs to be. Lastly, it’s fun and unique!


Admit it, almost all markets are saturated these days. Businesses are sprouting almost anywhere, and it is up to them to find ways on how they can make their brand stand out. New ideas must be crafted here and there while ensuring that it is indeed profitable and coherent with their values.

One of the things that are often overlooked is its signage. However, it is the first thing that prospective customers see. Hence, it is important to make it stand out by being unique, fun, and aligned with the marketing goals.


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