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5 Ways to Bring Back Sexual Intimacy and Emotional Connection in the Bedroom

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Are you craving intimacy in your relationship? Has it vanished and you are wondering how to rekindle it? Every relationship has its ebb and flow, and when yours loses its emotional connection, you need to know how to spark that flame once more.

Getting this connection back takes work in and outside the bedroom. Below, we give our must-know guide on how to get sexual intimacy into your relationship.

Know Your Own Body

The first step you need to take comes not from any technique or emotional connection, but from knowing yourself. This can be both mentally and physically. A little self-care can go a long way.

Mentally, find ways to de-stress. Make sure the commitments and troubles of everyday life are out of your mind when making love. This can be done either through mindfulness or other training techniques.

Secondly, know your own body. If you do not know what you like, how can you expect a partner to get it right? Take some time alone to explore your desires.

Create a Build up to Sexual Intimacy

One way to build intimacy is to start the build-up before sex even begins. There are a number of ways you can build emotional intimacy during the day. Flirting, being suggestive, and having discussions on intimacy can all help.

Once you are in bed, be sure to pay attention to foreplay. This is just as much a part of creating the emotional connection as the sexual act itself.

Be Playful

When building emotional connections, not everything has to be based on flowers and romance. Having fun and being playful should be just as important a part.

This may involve trying out new things, such as lovemaking acts or sex toys. If you are clever, you can even earn extra income by trying, selling, or even reviewing them. This way, you get to have fun together, build a connection, and make some money.

Take Care of Each Other

One of the best nonsexual intimacy ideas is to make sure you take care of each other emotionally. You need to show each other respect, build up trust, and show that you care for each other. If these elements are missing, it will be impossible to build any deep sexual intimacy.

Reassure each other of the love you have. This should not just be with words, but actions and in the everyday things you do.

Ditch Devices

Another great non-sexual intimacy idea is to ditch the devices. It can be too easy to fall into the trap of staring at your phones, streaming services, or videogames. This is really true when you have been in a relationship for a long time, and have started to become complacent.

Do something else that makes you interact with one another. Create something, cook together, or go out. All of these activities will help foster that emotional connection.

Take Time

Above all, building sexual intimacy takes time. That can be when adding foreplay to sex sessions, or making more time for each other in your daily life. By using time positively, you will soon foster a healthy connection.

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