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5 ways to grow and monetize your Instagram account

Instagram is a mammoth social media network that just continues to keep rising at an exceptional speed. But what does that have to do with you? Even though it is a channel designed to post pictures and videos on, but with the correct method, you can monetize Instagram. Provided, the enormous size of the global audience, it’s good to presume there’s a niche market out there for you. What I’m trying to explain is that anybody can leverage their passions, hobbies, and knowledge to earn a fortune! We’ll reveal to you how the pros make their money on — and off — the platform, and easily let you turn those likes and comments into monthly remittance. There’s a lot to be done into growing an enormous Instagram following.  Now let’s find out how to grow and monetize your Insta account!

Fan-base and Influence

Getting a good reach and an influence over the buying capacity of your fan-base is of grave importance. You ought to expand your reach, organically, to at least a few thousand in order to have an impact. But that isn’t enough. To produce sales, you ought to have the potency to develop and share gripping content. If you have an “engaged” community, brands will be more inclined to invest in you to draw their profits. Not only that, the more you post on Instagram, the quicker your fans will grow. So post consistently and keep engaging!

Sell Your Own Products

Do you have a unique personal brand that makes a statement? This could be a great chance to turn your hobby into a side gig. If you aren’t too interested in publicizing other companies on your page, you can always market your own items, as long as they are relevant to your niche and galvanize your audience! If you’re not a creator, enlist a manufacturer and organize a drop-shipping system. Two things you should remember about posting on Instagram: content is king and Instagram captions are the new blogging. Nothing will tempt your prospects or monetize your account more than high quality, amazing photos along with attractive captions which will eventually double the speed at which your account grows

Have a Snappy Bio & Create Sponsored Content

Irrespective of whether you’re a brand or individual trying to monetize Instagram, you require posting smartly. It’s better to have a simple, crisp, and quirky, bio that draws more and more followers to your profile. You got to make a great first impression right off the bat! And incorporate an URL link to your bio! A crucial ingredient of expanding your reach and influence is cultivating relationships with other content creators from your niche. You should realize who your audience majorly comprises of, so you can figure out which brands would best fit your viewers. The price will vary depending on the brand’s goals and the potency of your Instagram following. But, it’s not always a huge follower count that results in the big bucks.

Earn Extra with Affiliate Marketing

One of the convenient methods to monetize Instagram is by becoming an affiliate marketer on Instagram. This denotes working with a brand or company as an “ambassador” to publicize their items or services and gain a cut. If anyone purchases an item or signs up for service by clicking a link shared by you, the commission falls into your pocket. But don’t be pushy. Initially, it may appear like a challenging game, but affiliate marketing has a wide range of expansion probabilities if you intend on rising.

Right Hashtags & Video Product Placements

Hashtags are a sure-fire method to enhance the discoverability and reach of your content. Product placements have been present since the inception of video advertisements. If an image is worth a hundred words – then what’s the worth of a video? You do the maths! Thinking of leveraging this monetization methodology? Here’s how it works: a brand will pay you to feature their item in your video and you’ll gain some money for promoting it.  Take note: If your placement feels too much like an advertisement, it might rub audiences a false direction. Therefore be as genuine as possible! Additionally, you should seriously consider leveraging video content in the form of Stories or on IGTV to stand out.

Final Thoughts

These five powerful techniques render few ideas to kick-start your creativity, expand your audience, and earn some money. Anyhow, if you stick to these methodologies, you have a very stable foundation for becoming the next Instagram sensation. Happy Instagramming!


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