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5 Ways to Manage the Rise in Job Applications

There are a lot of people looking for jobs these days. A lot of people looking for jobs were laid-off due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The good thing is that- now things are coming back on track. A lot of people have started hiring and have planned for growth in the new normal.

In the new normal, recruiters are happy because they have a lot of people to choose from. They can check each of- qualifications, joining date, experience, expected salary and then come to a conclusion. However, there is one problem which is; there are too many applications. People looking for jobs are many times higher than people looking to hire. This is a huge problem if you work in recruitment because then, you need to go through hundreds of CVs to pick the right person for the job.

Ways to Manage the Rise in Job Applications

Obviously, this is a problem that all recruiters need to be answered, and here are some of the possible answers that can actually solve their problem.

Hire a Recruitment Agency

It is the easiest thing to do. A recruitment agency has thousands of CVs with it and will send you the right candidates that will check all the boxes. Your involvement will only be- giving your requirements and then, interviewing the candidates.

A manpower agency is a right answer to this problem no matter if you are a startup working without an HR or a huge company looking for the absolute best candidate. They will find you the right type of candidate through their resources.

Specify your Requirement

You need to be very specific about your requirements. Salary, experience, location, type of work, education, typing speed, etc. all variables should have a defined range. Having your requirements clear in your mind helps no matter whether you decide to recruit yourself or hire a manpower agency.

If you put an advertisement through your social media channels with all the requirements specified, chances are- you will get a lot of applications but most of them would be suited to your requirement so, at least the non-suited ones wouldn’t be there.

Give a Test Task

When there are so many people looking for a job that you are offering, you can take some fair advantage. An easy way to filter the applications is- give people a task. This task can be related to any technicality of the field. For example- a sports journalism website can ask for candidates to write an article about the best football game ever.

You will notice that the number of applications drops massively when you add that one step there but all those applicants who send their submissions through our utmost seriousness about the job will eventually make a great fit.

Be Creative

Get creative. Posting a job through any kind of advertisement or a LinkedIn-like platform is not only about specifying your requirement. It is also about how you filter out the redundant or the lesser qualified applicants. You can be a little creative and ask a bunch of questions.

Questions that are out of the box and yet somehow related to the industry like asking for the proudest moment of one’s professional life. Again, a lot of people will skip when they see a long questionnaire. However, the answers of the people who won’t skip will give you the right required insights and you will have just the right set of candidates to choose from.

Personal Network

You can save time, you can save money spent on recruitment agency and you can still get just the perfect candidate. How? The answer is networking. Ask your friends if any of their friends are interested, hire your juniors from your last company, this is the easiest mode of hiring as the element of trust is already there.

A recent study even suggests that LinkedIn’s job portal has got really saturated and there are millions of applications for thousands of jobs. But, people on LinkedIn have started looking and suggesting people from their network, and thus, LinkedIn has stayed on the top of the recruitment apps despite the cluttered hiring portal. The main reason behind this is that LinkedIn provides the option of NETWORKING.

So, if you are looking for someone to work for you, maybe your friends’ list or your LinkedIn connection list will suggest some people.