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5 Ways To Reinstate An Optimistic Vibe With Your Virtual Co-workers!

The world is changing every day. We have come a long way from traditional offices to virtual offices. As more organizations are exploring the digital age, we see that many people prefer to work from home in virtual rooms instead of going to physical offices. Despite the initial resistance and chaos, this medium of communication has worked out well for upcoming organizations and employees. Individuals and businessmen can now experience a shift in their routine and are more productive. All this in the confinement of their homes!

So, what’s the issue, again?

Well… That being said, let’s get to the real talk. One of the predicaments you might sometimes find yourself in this work from home situation is – a lack of motivation. When you are in a virtual working space, it is quite easy to get perplexed by the people and discussions around you. When everything’s happening at the same time, you might not feel your creative best!

In such circumstances, it is important to look for ways that lift your and your teammates’ spirits to ensure a positive work environment! Since you’re here, there are many helpful ways and tricks that can help you right away!

#1 If Not Open-Doors, Then Go For Open Tab Policy

Remember once upon a time, people used to claim that their office has an open-door policy? While that might not be the case every time, you can keep your virtual space open. According to American business tycoon Bill Gates, this new trend of working from home will continue for a good time now. It’s why you need to have a safe space for employees to voice their concerns.

#2 When In Doubt, Talk It Out

Imagine you are in two minds about a decision to make and you need help, then get on with your zoom call. Always remember to speak up to people around you. Constant communication will keep you in a positive frame of mind, and you won’t feel alone. You can also encourage your teammates to do the same. There’s no shame in asking for a guideline or feedback twice!

#3 Have A Goof-Up Session, Or Two!

Who says that office calls have to always be about serious discussions? Every single day, millions of people join video call sessions with their officemates. After discussing work, you can take out some time to be informal, play games, and even do fun tasks online.

It can be stressful to talk about work all the time. Take some time out to discuss each other’s lives and everyday routines! Or as they say -take it easy and have some fun!

#4 Play Dress Up For Your Virtual Office

One of the biggest demotivation concerning a virtual office space is not dressing up for the job. Many studies and academic researches have confirmed that dressing up for your office can boost your mood. There’s something powerful about putting on a suit or a pencil skirt – whatever you prefer.

Have a dress-up day every other day and give other people a chance to dress up to the nines by encouraging and acknowledging them. Lots of pictures are going to be taken!

#5 Get The Virtual Help You Need

An impressive motivation to work from home is to make better use of technology. There are plenty of useful virtual team building kits available online that can help your team by creating a fun virtual space to work in. It will help in improving coordination and interaction between colleagues. Try out a few of these kits to pick the one that suits you and your colleague’s needs.


The most significant thing to remind yourself is that you have the power to improve your workspace and to stay in a positive frame of mind. Don’t be afraid of talking to colleagues to find a better solution to your problems. Working from home can be a real blessing if you accept it as it is. Simple tips can truly make your life easier.


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