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6 Benefits Of Hiring Professional Piano Movers

Music is a fantastic hobby, but if you intend to promote a love for studies with the pianoforte for your children, you have one problem: transportation of this big, heavy, and at the same time somewhat fragile object can be really challenging.

You may think that it’s nothing special and with the help of a couple of friends you can do it easily. However, we definitely recommend resorting to professional piano moving services, and in this article, we will explain why.


Getting rid of something difficult is always pleasant. This is true for the transportation of heavy objects. Professional movers will bring the special equipment and complete the process without unnecessary hustle.

It’s faster and more convenient than trying to move the piano with the help of your friends. In this case, convenience is worth paying.

Vast Experience

Taking the piano from one home to another is not like loading a truck with boxes. This task requires experience and proper equipment. Such a large and susceptible to damage item like this instrument demands special handling.

Experienced handlers know how to take the piano through narrow doorways and tight corridors. Believe us, it’s not easy to carry the piano, and not only because of its weight.

Safety of Piano

One blow or impact can damage your precious instrument forever. Only the proper handling can ensure the integrity and safeguard of sensible parts of the piano.

Even small chips and cracks can ruin the look of the gorgeous instrument, even if the sound is still perfect. Professional movers know how to carry a piano to guarantee the best result.

Special Equipment

When it comes to moving large and unhandy objects, the equipment is the key to success. Tools, specially developed for such work, can significantly speed up transportation and guarantee the safety of the piano and people.

It’s hard even to take the piano from home with bare hands, not to mention loading it into the van.

The form and dimensions of this instrument don’t allow access to multiple movers. Only two people can hold it without the equipment, which means that each one carries approximately 150 – 200 kilos (half of the average piano weight). It’s too much even for a trained person.

The specialists have carrying straps; special blocks; loading platforms; skids. These accessories help to spread the load and make transportation possible.

Safety of People

In previous points, we focused on the instrument’s safety, but its transportation put people at risk too. Remember that the piano is extremely heavy. Improper handling can cause injuries.

Professional movers are able to bring the instrument to your new home without casualties. The benefits for your health are obvious.

Free Time for Other Moving Preparations

Another benefit of using the moving services is the free time you can spend on other things. Pay attention to other aspects of moving while experienced specialists take care of the piano.

You can ensure proper packing of your belongings but lightboxes into the car, prepare the place for the piano in your new home or even have a little rest from all moving business.

We think these arguments convinced you that moving company is the best idea for piano transportation. In conclusion, we want to give some tips. First, pay attention to movers’ convenience: don’t block the walkways with boxes and don’t leave small objects scattered on the floor.

It can lead to injuries and accidents. If it’s a cold time of the year, organize the transit for the shortest possible duration because the low temperatures can harm the frame. After it is settled, call for a professional tuner, and your instrument will show its best characteristics in a new home.