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6 Challenges for Cleaning Services & Facilities Management

Many facility maintenance managers are facing several management challenges due to the complexity of running such a large-scale operation. Whether you’re responsible for a commercial office, school, housing, or something else, it’s important to understand the facility management challenges that you may be facing, as well as current issues that the cleaning industry faces.

Current Issues in Facility Management and Cleaning Services

Here are some of the top challenges for facility managers and cleaning staff and tips on how they can be overcome.

Time Management: Performing your role effectively means not wasting time. With an extensive number of responsibilities, facilities managers need to be able to prioritize their workload to ensure efficient time management. So, how can managers guarantee operations run smoothly in the long term when there are so many different departments to balance?

Implementing a time management system, such as facility management software that tracks completed tasks, streamlines processes, and enables you to record information can significantly help with time management. For example, you could use an inventory system that tracks when supplies need to be reordered.

Ageing Equipment: Aging equipment requires regular maintenance to ensure it’s functioning correctly. This is essential in the commercial cleaning industry to perform effective industrial cleaning. Without the right preventative maintenance, the work environment won’t maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

This puts employees at risk of becoming ill, as well as affecting health and safety regulations. Avoiding the complete breakdown of equipment tends to be more cost-effective than replacing them so consider outsourcing this task to experienced repair technicians.

Meeting Ever-Changing Regulations: When it comes to meeting health and safety regulations, it’s essential to stay on top of changing compliance standards. The health and safety of employees are crucial, so facilities managers and cleaning businesses need to be aware of changes and implement them.

Regular health and safety training save time and money, enabling all members of staff to be aware of any updates in regulations.

Meeting Company Policies on Eco-Friendly Practices: With more and more organizations looking to implement eco-friendly and sustainable practices into their work environment, facilities management and cleaning staff need to be aware of environmentally friendly methods.

Waste management and consuming energy are two important aspects in this, so ensure you’re auditing waste management practices and the correct use of cleaning products. Ideally, green cleaning products and methods should be utilized if your company is planning on being eco-friendly.

Controlling Costs: Budgeting plays a key part in the running of any business. For facilities management, controlling costs means knowing how to budget spending on supplies. This could involve negotiating prices with suppliers to reduce spending or performing an energy audit to determine how and where the most energy is being used in the company.

You could then implement energy-saving practices to reduce the consumption of energy and ensure nothing is being wasted.

Ensuring an Excellent Employee Experience: The comfort and happiness of employees are paramount in boosting morale and productivity. If a workforce is unhappy, they’re more likely to take sick days or be less productive, meaning the overall running of the business is affected.

Ensuring good air quality, lighting, cleanliness, hygiene, and access to nutritious foods and drinking water are some factors that contribute to staff morale. By focusing on how these factors can be met consistently helps to promote a good employee experience.

Overcome Your Issues by Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Outsourcing your routine cleaning tasks is a cost-effective solution that can help you to overcome several challenges in the cleaning industry, such as saving money and ensuring health and safety regulations are met.


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