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6 Incredible Benefits Of Composite Decking Gold Coast

A number of homeowners are now recognising the benefits of composite decking rather than traditional wood. Some enthusiasts are attracted towards the high value and low maintenance of composite decking Gold Coast, and for others, the beauty of colour-rich boards wins over them. When it is to decide the right material for the backyard space BriteDeck offers products with a lot of advantages.

Benefits of Composite Decking 

  1. Materials Science – Capped composite deck boards are less susceptible to erosion, degeneration, bleaching when exposed to the sun. The polymer capping and innovative materials science together keep colours bright, keep moisture out and keep intact the structural integrity.
  2. Industry Leading Warranties – There are companies that rely on decks that withstand the test of time that is why such companies lead the industry in composite decking products. They are very confident in their composite decking that they offer industry-leading warranties including limited fade and stay in warranty and industry-leading lifetime limited warranty for the decking line.
  3. Protective Capping To Prevent The Growth Of Mildew And Mould – For many homeowners a primary benefit of composite decking is the security given by the protective caps. Some companies only cap part of the Deck board leaving the composite core open to invasion by mildew and mould. But if the decking line is capped on all four sides then it offers protection against moisture and even keeps mould and mildew damage out.
  4. Low Maintenance – The wood deck requires maintenance at least every three years and replacement after every 10 to 15 years which is a costly process. You need to power wash and stain traditional wood decks also. When we talk about durability wood does not compare to composite decking. The Deck boards do not need sanding, sealing or staining to maintain their gorgeous colour. To remove the dirt, pollen, dust, the fuss-free product lines need only spot treatment or light washing with a deck cleaner.

5.High Value – Though the initial cost of the composite deck may be higher than a wooden deck, once you consider the savings on maintenance, a composite deck can end up paying for itself in a few years. One of the benefits of composite decking is the long time cost savings.

6.Saves Time And Labour – Another benefit of composite decking is that it needs no scrubbing of knees and hands, replacement or staining. Those having traditional wooden decks not only get an outdoor space when they build up with wood, but they are also overburdened with labour intensive, costly projects that need maintenance after every few years. Composite decking does not require any maintenance but you can spend your time enjoying your deck.


80% of the recycled material is used in capped composite decking with 100% recycled wood and plastic materials in the core of the capped composites. There are some additional benefits of keeping the planet as beautiful as the outdoor living space. 290 million pounds of waste and scrap from landfills is approximately diverted. 98% of internal scrap is reused. 50% of extruded materials come from recycled material. Hundreds of gallons of water each day with a closed-loop water filtration system recycled up to 96% annually.