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6 Outdoor Sports for Kids

Kids need to get off the couch and away from their electronic devices as often as possible. Then there has to be a promise of more fun to achieve this. Let’s take a look at six outdoor activities that are fun and super beneficial to kids’ health.


Swimming is an excellent sport for children, and it has many mental and physical benefits. For really young children, splashing around in the water can speed up a child’s development. Swimming helps kids build flexibility. It increases stamina and enhances coordination and balance.

For kids who aren’t confident or interested in swimming, there are fun things parents/guardians can do to stimulate their interest. Guardians/parents should provide items like snorkels to keep them afloat, fins that aid swimming, and goggles that can allow looking underwater to keep them entertained.

Inexperienced swimmers should not get into the water without life jackets. Parents/guardians should not leave kids to swim without adult supervision.

Nature Walks

Walking on its own has many advantages for kids. Walking in nature adds extras!

Nature walks are relaxing. They improve moods, promote imagination and creativity, they also provide positive stimulation. When kids walk in nature, they get to see wildlife for what it is, and they can interact with it.

If you have tried nature walk with your kids and didn’t seem to enjoy it, I will briefly share three tips to make your next trip fun.

  • Take a magnifying lens or binoculars along.
  • Play I spy.
  • Gather objects from nature.
  • Pick up sticks.
  • Make flower crowns.

As much as nature walks can be fun, everyone must follow safety measures. Do not forget to dress appropriately, encourage kids to speak up if they sense danger or sustain any form of injury.

Gel Blasting

Gel blasting is a fun outdoor sport suitable for both girls and boys. Gel blasting is considered safe as the gel fired are bio-degradable. Kids can enjoy playing the roles of a sniper, hitman, and shotgun while and playing in groups can make it more fun.

Asides from the fun, gel blasting is an excellent way to keep kids physically fit. The almost non-stop movements throughout the game help them exercise. Exercising, in turn, helps burn calories, improves mental health and improves cardiovascular health, and much more.

However, kids need to wear protective wear around the eyes. Gel fired at the sights from long distances can be harmful. Other safety guidelines that come with the gel blaster pack should be strictly followed. The M24 gel blaster is the best for newbies as it is easy to handle.


Basketball is another fantastic sport that can keep kids busy and healthy. Even toddlers can enjoy this fun sport, a ball and a hoop are all you need. Basketball enhances coordination and agility and further helps to build self-confidence in kids.

If you have kids who spend significant time in front of screens, basketball is an excellent form of break and exercise. The running, jumping, and dribbling that goes with basket balling helps the heart.

Like every other sport, basketball has its hazards. Parents/guardians must enforce safety measures like removing stones and water from the playing surface and ensure kids with injuries do not participate. They must also make sure kids wear appropriate clothes and shoes.


A soccer game in the backyard can never go wrong. Soccer is a sport for children of all ages that involves a soccer ball. The game doesn’t have to be sophisticated. A simple kick-about among friends is all you need.

Here are some of the advantages of playing soccer, having an age-grade soccer team is one of the best ways to make friends. Another advantage is playing soccer is a sure way to stay physically active and fit.

Mixed teams are comprising of both boys and girls, so there is no discrimination based on gender.

For children, soccer aims to have fun. There is no need to drive them if they don’t show any interest. Eventually, they will come around.


Bear in mind that all the games listed are for having fun, not for training as a competition. Tennis is a great way to build flexibility, keep fit and have fun while playing tennis. To play tennis, you need to play on a court. There are three major playing surfaces; grass, clay, and hard court.

Apart from the court, it would be best if you had tennis balls and a racquet. The job of a racquet is to hit the ball, depending on its size. There are different sizes of racquets.

Some of the advantages of a kid playing tennis include increasing aerobic fitness by movements that aid cardiovascular health. It also helps with anaerobic fitness due to short bursts of speed.

It helps with bulking up the legs and the upper body. Playing tennis increases your child’s reaction time. It not compulsory that your child takes it seriously, the most crucial thing they have fun while playing tennis.


Outdoor events are great for kids. Apart from helping mental development, it also helps develop kips physically. Sports like soccer, swimming, tennis are energy-consuming. This outdoor game allows the kids to build muscle mass.

There is also the advantage of building friendships when your kids gather for these meetings. Taking precautions during these games, especially the gel blaster and nature walks, is paramount. When you allow your child to go for the outdoor games, know for sure that the advantages outweigh the demerits.