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6 quick fixes for clothing emergencies

We’ve all been there before – running late somewhere and accidentally ruining a piece of your clothing. You don’t always have time or the necessary equipment to properly fix it either, so you need to just deal with it the best way you can. Here are 5 easy and smart ways to make a quick repair during clothing emergencies:

A button fell off

A great way to replace a button and keep your clothing in place is with safety pins. These are extremely handy for anything, a missing button, a broken bra strap or to hold together a freshly made hole. Best thing is, they are small enough to always have one in your bag. Otherwise, they are very easy to get hold of at work or any shop. Just don’t forget to keep your button so you can sew it back on when you can.

Fixing leather items

Always having some good quality leather glue is going to save your day if you get a tear on your leather jacket or boots. Leather items are expensive and you want to make use of them for as long as you can. Glue will allow you to make a quick repair before it rips even more.

Broken heel

Any fashion fanatic will agree – a broken heel is one of the worst things that can happen. Again, the solution to this is some strong super glue. Glue will fix your problem in minutes and allow you to enjoy many more wears of your shoes before disposing of them. Super Glue will come in handy for many other occasions as well.

A hole in your stockings

A lot of women tend to carry around a second pair of stockings in their bags just because of how easy it is to rip them. A smart way to seamlessly fix a hole in your stockings is by using clear nail polish. Just dab a little bit on the rip and the area where it is starting to run and you should be good for the day. Again, this is an item that will be fairly easy to find either in the office drawer or a nearby drugstore.

Getting rid of pet hair

Some of us just cannot walk past animals without giving them a quick cuddle. However, that often has consequences in a form of hundreds of little hair on your clothing. There are two quick ways to get rid of the hair.

One way is to use any sort of tape, either packing tape or duct tape, form it onto a little loop and tap in on your clothing to remove the hair. Another way is simply by getting your hand a bit damp and brushing them off with it – you want to be next to a sink when you do this though, as you want to wash off the hairs from your hands.

Deodorant marks on your clothes

This may sound self-explanatory, but you would be surprised how many people don’t know this. To remove a deodorant mark all you need to do is to rub another piece of fabric on it. This can be a towel or just the clothing fabric against itself. Deodorants are usually very powdery, so it should brush off easily. Also, shaking the deodorant before each use is the best way to prevent marks to begin with.

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