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6 Relocation Technologies Revolutionizing the Moving Industry

Relocating from one home to the next is a complicated process that takes detailed organization and planning from start to finish. Between overwhelming packing ventures, confusing piles of paperwork, and tedious, physical labor, moving is inconvenient at best. From start to finish, the entire transition can take months as you scour the market for your dream home, walk-through on-budget properties, and finalize your new home purchase. The most time-consuming task of all? Preparing your belongings for the big move-in day.

Often, homeowners find themselves overcome with stress as they deal with moving ins-and-outs, especially when working with relocation companies. Although businesses offer various helpful services—like packing, loading, and unloading—it can be tricky to find the right provider for your needs. However, new-and-improved relocation technologies have revolutionized the moving industry by cutting down traditional time-consuming processes, giving you access to top-notch services.

Evade unwanted expenses, time-consuming projects, and moving-related headaches by utilizing various relocation technologies along the way.

Advancements in car shipping technology

Transporting your vehicle to your new home can be nerve-racking as you hand over the keys to strangers in hopes your four-wheeled-friend will make it home in one piece. However, modern car shipping providers like Guardian Auto Transport ( have harnessed modern technology’s power to their advantage, streamlining the process and easing customer concerns.

With enhanced features like step-by-step tracking, online accessibility, and GPS, vehicle transportation companies offer a simple, worry-free solution to your car-related woes. In addition to upgraded, technology-based customer services, car shipping companies have begun implementing electric fleets for an environmentally-friendly, more affordable experience.

New-and-improved dashcams

Although dashcams are not exclusive to the moving industry, they equip companies with the ability to better protect your household items and belongings. A concern for many homeowners looking to relocate is the many dangers of transferring valuable possessions. Theft, improper handling, and unfortunate accidents happen all-too-frequently, driving some to take on the relocation without specialized help. However, with the implementation of dashcams to fleets, customers can sleep soundly knowing any damage will be thoroughly documented and insured.

Streamlined move management

A tricky aspect of moving is managing and organizing essential details. It’s common for homeowners packing up their lives to misplace boxes, misremember closing dates, or lose contact with movers. However, with the help of relocation-specific technology and applications, mapping out your move has never been easier.

Enhanced move management technology allows you to input required documentation, set daily reminders, communicate with estate agents, and track belongings all in one easily accessible application.

Improved full-service companies

Historically, homeowners looking to relocate have relied on multiple services—packing, shipping, unloading, storage—to help with moving-related needs. However, working with numerous companies at once can become confusing and difficult to manage. Modern relocation businesses have adopted an all-in-one model by expanding services and technologies to include multiple areas of expertise.

While giving a business full-reign over moving-related duties can be an intimidating enterprise, allowing full-service relocation companies to take over can enable you to step back and handle essential behind-the-scenes matters with your estate agent.

Application revolution

In a world dominated by smartphones, apps are becoming more interactive and practical by the day. Within the moving industry, companies have begun developing smooth-running application technology to walk you through moving-related headaches. Software developers have created several apps to help with packing organization, selling unwanted items, and hiring specialized services, allowing you to sail-smoothly from one home to the next.

Before you go

Relocating you and your belongings has never been easier as technological advancements continue to break barriers with no sign of stopping. Utilize the many apps and tech-based services offered by moving companies to minimize chaos and maximize satisfaction.