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6 Tips Freelancers Must Use to Manage Multiple Projects Easily

 Do you know the best part of being a freelancer? Well, you get to work on new projects and deal with new clients. But, this is just one part. Learning to manage multiple clients and projects can take a toll on you.

Most people begin freelancing as they have expertise in some areas like web designing, writing, designing, etc. However, the art of managing time and running a business needs to be developed. Luckily, the former can be managed with good time tracking software.

Also, when it comes to finances, online payment software for freelancers can help you streamline expenses, make invoices, provide access to multiple payment gateways and stay super organized. If you are a freelancer, read on these tips to manage projects like a pro and get paid faster.

1. Smooth Time Management

Tracking your time accurately can be a game-changer for your business. You will get an accurate figure of how much your work is worth, and you will never risk undercharging again.

Besides, you will be able to avoid distractions, focus on the tasks at hand and get your work done faster. Chances are, you will complete your project on time. This means you will pave the way for happy clients, and they are more likely to pay you before time.

2. Scheduling Comes To Your Aid

One major challenge faced by all freelancers is to take out time for all projects. The only solution to this is to set a schedule and make sure you stick to it with time tracking software. This way, you will be able to eliminate burnouts and even piling deadlines.

Also, remember that scheduling is not limited to your work. Make sure you schedule leisure time, time for outings, and even chit-chat with friends.

If you think of working 24/7, you will be less present and harm your productivity. Remember, you have a life outside freelancing, and you need to live that to the fullest.

3. Better Ability to Prioritize Tasks

If you can prioritize the tasks in your hand, consider 50% of your job done. Once everything is sorted as per order, you can kickstart your work and be at ease.

You can use Kanban boards to set the progress of your tasks, get feedback and even arrange tasks as per priority. Besides, they will ensure transparency if a team works with you. So, you must consider investing in a project management tool to boost your freelance business.

4. Make Daily Checklists

Well, if you make it a point to create checklists, you will become a project management pro. Start your mornings by writing a list of tasks you need to accomplish. Being able to cross them off throughout the day will give you a sense of accomplishment and help you stay accountable.

5. Give Out Regular Client Updates

Yes, we know that you work super efficiently and will deliver all your work before the said time. But, if your clients don’t know that, they might be concerned.

So, it’s best to integrate your time tracking software with a project management tool to give out regular updates. Besides, you can also keep them informed of upcoming payment milestones with online payment software for freelancers.

6. Measure the Opportunity Costs

As a freelancer, you want to work to come in at lightning-fast speed. Fortunately, many people and organizations are willing to hire you and invest in your services. But, if you accept every client that comes your way, you might sacrifice your efficiency and even earn less money.

For example, two clients offer you $2,000 for a project. While the money is great, one project takes you 4 hours to complete and the other 10 hours. Make sure you pick the first one.

Yes, you may be tempted to pick up everything in the beginning. But, as you grow and better your portfolio, we suggest taking only those projects that are worth your time.

Wrapping Up

A freelancer dons multiple hats. A few of them include being a business owner, accountant, and project manager. A good online payment software for freelancers will help you keep your payments and invoices in check.

At the same time, time tracking software will let you manage your time like a pro and never miss on client deadlines. So, track your project timings accurately, streamline your operations, and send in invoices before time to get faster payments and a butter-smooth cash flow!