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6 Types of Partners You Should Better Not Start a Relationship with

Emotional attraction is not a reason to give the heart a green light, even if the partner seems like a real miracle. What can a couple of dates say about a person? You can neither feel their character nor recognize all the habits and skeletons in the closet. And if the tale turns out to be a mirage, then how to break love affection? We are going to talk about 6 types of partners you should better not start relationships with.

  1. Eternal kid

Such people are not ready for real life with its difficulties and problems because they value their freedom too much. Work, responsibility, and relocation are a challenge for them. They want neither to change, nor invest in something worthwhile, nor take care of loved ones. So, don’t even expect a good attitude and don’t reflect on how to get a second date because you don’t need it. Besides, they often live in two states: they either rebel against the system, constantly degrading, or they use the money of their loved ones, compensating for their domestic inapplicability. Decide for yourself how close the role of the parent is to you, are you ready to rely only on yourself, forgiving the partner’s whims and inconstancy?

  1. Perfectionist

It is dangerous for the psyche to start a relationship with such a person: get ready for a total inventory of your habits and desires. Why do you eat meat for breakfast if you can make smoothies? Why does your t-shirt not match the tone of the socks? Why don’t you go to the gym every night? The problem of perfectionists is in their meticulous desire to keep everything under control and remodel for themselves. By the way, they do not want to change, but they want their partner to correspond to the image they have come up with. They do not know how to love anyone but their ideals.

  1. Destructive

At first, it may seem that it is a gentle and vulnerable angel whose life was unfair to them. However, you can find a manipulator and tyrant behind all this charm and made-up “goodness.” The goal of such people is to hook their partner and dominate infinitely, satisfying their ambitions and instinctive desire for violence. To not get into trouble, remember that it is difficult for destructive people to suppress jealousy in themselves, and they often rush things, impose their help and vision, and they hate to admit mistakes.

  1. Dependent

Everyone understands that it is not worth starting a relationship with alcoholics or gamers. However, addiction is not necessarily manifested in a fatal craving for alcohol or gambling. Addiction can take various forms, for example, excessive attachment to diets, workaholism, and obsession with sports achievements or social media communication. The main disadvantage of such partners is that they are so dependent on their addictions that they become depressed and behave aggressively without another “shot.” So, does one need to say how difficult it is to live with them when you can’t trust them and should control everything?

  1. Complainer

It is normal to use a partner as a shoulder to cry on and seek their support from time to time. However, if complaints become a usual part of your life, and a person does not stop whining about their difficult fate, it becomes a challenge. Such people are looking for a pitfall in everything, criticizing and getting annoyed by any trifle. As a result, it seems that these are real “dementors” that are unable to enjoy the little things, fool around and inspire.

  1. Egoist

It is difficult not only to start but also build relationships with an egoistic person who cannot think of anyone but their royal persona. Love is a tool for them, and a partner is a cheap labor for providing their own needs. The egoist does not know how to think about others, give, care, make concessions. Every little thing in family life will be built around their desires, slowly destroying the partnership and love. And they will get rid of you as soon as you give everything you have.