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7 Ayurvedic Rules for Your Harmonious Sex Life

Love is both the feeling and the action, it involves both your mind and body. In the matter of body-mind connection, Ayurveda can be your best source of knowledge. Usually, we view sex as something related to the body rather than soul. But that strong desire is born within us, and it’s our ability to manage it that defines the quality of our intimate life. Here are seven tips on how to harmonize your sex life.

  1. Learn to control your desires.
    Lust is as enslaving as fear and anger. You can be genuinely happy only if you can control your emotions and desires. Sexual desire is the strongest desire of all. You should tame it, because the key to harmony in a relationship and sex is balance. They say if you want to harm your health, eat more; if you want to ruin your life – have unrestrained sex.
  2. Have a regular partner.
    We are living in the era of permissiveness, and it’s quite hard to imagine what it is to have one partner for life. But you should know that any interaction implies energy interchange. If there is physical contact, even the slightest touch, the energetic contact intensifies. That’s why carefully choose those people who have access to your body (including your masseur or cosmetologist). When you have intimacy with your partner, your bodies are in close contact and the energetic exchange is colossal.
  3. Think about love while making love.
    It’s a sheer paradox: people think about sex at work, in traffic jams, almost everywhere, but when they are in the middle of the process, they think about bills, money, and what to do on the weekend. Having sex with your partner, you should be in the moment, you should be focused on your partner, on your mutual satisfaction. Sex should be akin to meditation. You can get the ultimate pleasure from the process only when you’re fully focused on the process. It’s like eating the tastiest cake in the world: you will not be able to enjoy it if you’re absorbed in thoughts about something else.
  4. Forget about quick sex.
    If you want to live a harmonious life, you should eliminate quick sex from the equation. According to statistics, sexual intercourse lasts 5 minutes on average. This time is not enough for chemicals to be produced in your bodies. Such speed doesn’t allow partners to exchange their energies – they rather steal that energy from one another. The man shouldn’t ejaculate before his woman gets satisfaction. His body needs a lot of energy to produce semen, and if he ejaculates more than once or twice a month, he loses a lot of energy. A healthy sexual act should last at least 20 minutes so that partners’ bodies could release all the necessary chemicals.
  5. Learn to restrain yourself.
    According to another Ayurvedic rule, you should keep in mind the ethical aspect of sex. You can’t exploit your partner. Being in a relationship, you should give more than you take, especially in the emotional aspect. Women shouldn’t marry stingy men – their children will not be healthy. Men should be generous both in material and spiritual senses – they should give their women attention, give presents, flowers.
  6. Create the right ambiance.
    You should take your intimate life seriously. The place where you make love to your partner matters. Your bedroom should be a sacred place where there is literally love in the air. Today, many people work in their bedrooms and even use them as guest-rooms. It deteriorates the sexual energy accumulated in your room.
  7. Be united by love.
    Of course, the main ingredient of a harmonious sex life is love. The energy from your platonic love saturates both of you and maintains your energetic balance.

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