7 Best Gift Ideas for Amazing Dads

Thinking about making your daddy smile for any special occasion? It is indeed challenging to buy your father a gift because most of the time they will not ask for something, or even tell you to save your money instead. One thing you didn’t know is that dads have specific wants depending on their personality.

Here are the best gift ideas that your Dad will surely be happy with.

Surprise Family Trip

If your Dad always loves to plan a family bonding and he is always happy to see you are complete. A surprise family vacation is indeed the right choice of gift. If you have the fund, then you can set an out of the country where you know your family can have a great bonding. Sometimes, it is not about the physical gift that your Dad can be happy, but creating memories is one great way to make someone happy. However, if you have a limited budget, then a surprise beach celebration is also great; what’s important is that you are complete.

A multi-purpose pen

Is your Dad a workaholic one? Or maybe he just loves to write and make notes. A multi-purpose pen is one of the ideal gifts for father’s day or on any occasion. This one is a rewarding gift where you can show how you appreciate their work and a perfect chance to let him know that you are proud of him. Sometimes, your Dad wants to hear that you appreciate them, most especially if his profession is stressful.

A multi-purpose pen comes in a different classification, sizes, and ink colors, you just have to choose what pen would he appreciate more. It is also perfect to match it with an attractive note pad.

Backpacking Equipment

A dad who loves to go on an adventure deserves a set of backpacking equipment. Most of the dads enjoy outdoor activities and giving them gifts like these will surely make them happy. To know what kind of backpacking equipment you can give them is to check what outdoor activities they love doing. A set of new fishing equipment is suitable for a dad who loves to catch fish, or maybe a brand new trekking and camping gear for a dad who loves to be one with nature.

Coffee maker with printed mug

A new coffee maker with a “The Best Dad Ever” print on a mug is an excellent match for dads who love and enjoy hot drinks. This one is a unique gift if you don’t have much free time to plan for a trip, or maybe you don’t have much time to prepare for his gift. Surely this one will make him more inspired to drink his daily mug of coffee in the morning. I’m sure all dads love coffee, and this is a simple way to make them happy.


Our dads who prefer to stay in the comfort of their house all the time should be given technologies that would make them feel happier staying at home. To know what is the perfect technology to be given to him is to identify what he usually does when he is at home. If your Dad loves browsing or maybe he likes spending time through different social media applications, then you can replace his old mobile phone. On the other hand, a dad who loves to cook deserves a new set of kitchenware; you can add a grocery if you want.

No matter what you are planning to give him, it is your love and presence that would make him happier than anything else. So make sure to spend time with him sometimes.