7 Features Every Enterprise Mobile App Should Have

From a small shop at the corner of your street to a well-reputed company like Reliance, mobile apps is becoming an indispensable part of every business. It is proving itself to be a great weapon not only for bridging the gap between businesses and their customers, but also between the employees.

Mobile application, in the present scenario, are helping the enterprises to streamline their inhouse processes, manage their efforts and resources effectively, foster employee productivity, drive better outcomes, and much more.

Considering this, if you are looking forward to investing in Enterprise application development, it is imperative that you know how to not increase the chances of your Enterprise app failure.

While there are various factors that play a crucial role in improving the success level of an Enterprise app, the one that makes a major difference is app features. So here, in this article, we will look into what features make an Enterprise app go popular in the market.

1. Multi-Platform Accessibility

Since neither every employee will be having an iPhone X nor all will be using Google Pixel, developing an application for a particular platform or device is not profitable. It is required to build an application for multiple platforms and devices, which means you need to know what all devices and platform do your employees use and plan accordingly.

Or the simplest method is to design an application using Cross-platform technologies so that it runs on every device and platform, and bring higher opportunities to all the employees.

2. PushNotifications

Push notification is yet another important factor to consider when designing an app for your Enterprise. This is because push notifications will inform target user base of happenings in the app platform and encourage them to tap on the application to know more. In this way, this feature can help in improving the DAU and MAU rates, resulting in higher user retention rate and revenue generation.

3. Real-Time Messaging

Since smartphones remain with employees everytime, introducing real-time messaging is a good option to communicate with them in real-time even if they are not on their seat. So, do not skip introducing this feature in your Enterprise mobile app.

4. Data Accessibility and Sharing

Another feature that is must to put into your Enterprise mobile application development plan is data accessibility and sharing. This option will empower your team to access the files and other essential items beyond the premises of your office building and look ahead to working seamlessly from any corner of the world. An outcome of which will be greater team collaboration, employee productivity and thus, higher revenue generation.

5. High-End Security

Considering the involvement of sensitive information in the process, focusing on the security factor is also necessary during Enterprise mobile application development.

Now when talking about security measures, it is required that you ask the hired app developers to put their best efforts into different types of testing – including both Alpha and Beta Testing. It is also crucial to keeping a regular check of the market to understand what all new security tools and policies have come into play and update your application accordingly.

6. Tools Integration

Since your Enterprise mobile application will act as a single platform for every services, it is necessary to turn towards tool integration as well.

When talking about integrating tools into your app, it is wise to discuss with your employees and determine which tools they need for streamlining their processes, discovering new opportunities and delivering optimal results. Also, it is imperative to watch out what tools they do not need and skip adding them into your application.

Besides, keeping an eye on ensuring that your app development model does not go too complicated while introducing these tools is also essential for gaining higher momentum from your Enterprise mobility solution.

7. Offline Accessibility

It’s quite frustrating for the app users to hold their nerve and wait for the file accessibility and other such options in a weak signal network. So, it is also necessary to build an application that could be accessed offline too.

When you create an application that shows content even in change in the networks, users find it easier to proceed with their tasks without facing any interruption and thus, perform their job easily and effectively. This eventually improves the productivity and retention rate of employees which double the success of companies.

While these were the 7 must-have features of every Enterprise mobile app, there are various other features you can consider. You can look forward to introducing robust analytics, engaging UI/UX design, and user feedback feature into your Enterprise app development process. So, consult with the top Enterprise mobile application development firms and develop a perfect mobility solution for your Enterprise.