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7 Questions to Inquire a Junk Removal Company Before Hiring

You may not have the capacity or expertise to haul your waste materials. However, junk removal services can save you the time and energy to dispose of junk. Therefore, ask these seven questions to settle for the right company.

What Type of Junk Do You Dispose of?

Junk removal services take specific tasks. Some firms may be unable to remove large items such as mattresses and fridges. Remember to ask about the truck’s size. Moreover, many companies do not take hazardous waste such as paint, batteries, solvents, and household chemicals. You require a different arrangement for such trash.

What Green Processes Do You Use?

Irresponsible haulers illegally dump waste on the roads to cut costs. Some might not have recycling, repurposing, or re-using policies. These processes ensure that your items don’t harm the environment or people. Go for a professional hauler who has relationships with charitable organizations where they donate usable items.

Are You Licensed?

Licensed companies protect their names by responsible disposal. They are likely to protect the environment and your property. Besides, you should also ask if the company has industry certifications. This way, you will know if it abides by its industry regulations.

What Are Your Charges?

Do not just look at the prices; know the pricing structure. The details tell what the company is catering for. For instance, you may get a cheaper service, but the provider may not do the heavy lifting. The structure should include taxes, labor charges, and clearance fees.

 How Large Are Your Trucks?

You need to ask this question because many professional junk removers charge based on volume. Thus, you have to know their trucks’ capacity because it will directly affect your removal costs. For instance, if company A’s truck is 20 cubic yards and its full truckload is the same as company B’s 25 cubic yard truck, go for company B. The second supplier will offer you more volume and better value for your money.

Do You Offer Free Estimates?

You should also ask the potential provider if they offer free estimates. Many junk removers offer free no-obligation estimates. This way, you will be better positioned to assess the job at hand and its requirements.

The reason is that a phone discussion can leave out some necessary details. It can lead to miscommunication and ambiguity since common statements like “very much” or “a lot more” may paint a very different picture of reality. Also, glossy photos may not necessarily show the actual scope of the job at hand.

Do You Provide Dump Receipts?

You need to be smart and don’t just take people’s word for everything. Ask the junk remover if they provide dump receipts that show where and when they leave your junk at a waste management facility. This way, you can be happy, knowing that they responsibly removed your junk.

Furthermore, some receipts may be tax-deductible. Therefore, check with your tax advisor to establish if you qualify for it.

How Long Will the Job Take?

Debris removal takes one to two days. Remember, the speed depends on the hauler’s equipment and professionalism. You can evaluate a company’s professionalism as you engage the customer service. Ensure you get a confirmation and the arrival time once you book the service.

Do You Have Insurance?

Anything can go wrong! So, ask the removal company how they have protected your property. Responsible haulers cover themselves and their clients. Check the firm’s copy of the Certificate of Insurance if in doubt.

Who Does the Heavy Lifting?

You should know who to expect at your doorstep for hauling. Modern firms send you a text message when the hauler is on the way and a photo of the person to expect. The truck loader could be from the junk removal services or outsourced. You might also be the one loading the truck or taking the garbage to a specific location! Be sure to settle these logistics and avoid confusion.

Do You Rent a Dumpster?

You might need a dumpster for smaller items such as clothes. The dumpster saves you labor costs such as loading.

Removing large waste requires labor, equipment, and expertise. Ensure that your hauler is professional, mindful of the environment, socially responsible, timely, and protects your property. You can get all these quality services at a competitive price after comparing the charges. It’s up to you to use these insights to get the best value for your money when sourcing for a junk remover.