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7 Summer Outfits for the Petite Girl

Look outside: do you see a clear blue sky? Can you smell flowers in bloom? Can you feel the sun on your skin? Is someone nearby zealously discussing heirloom tomatoes?

You know what that means… it’s finally summer!

So put away those winter coats, itchy cardigans, and clunky boots. It’s time to break out the petite summer wardrobe. If you’re suffering from summer style amnesia after months of sweaters and scarves, don’t worry. Check out this list of seven summer outfits and by June, you’ll be a summer stunner.

#1 Maxi Skirt and Crop Top

The long flowy maxi skirt style goes so well with a sultry crop top. The length of the skirt and the shortness of a crop top can also make your legs look longer.

Summer Tip: Tired of having to hem every cute skirt you find? Find your dream skirt at Eshakti. Eshakti asks for your measurements and height so that each piece you buy is literally made for you. You can finally stop giving your mom the puppy-dog eyes when you need something hemmed.

#2 A Floral Romper

Summer is all about taking it easy. And what could be easier (or more stylish) than a romper? You can even dress it down with flip flops, or dress it up with a leather jacket and heeled sandals. The possibilities are endless. You can start with Red Dress’s Called To Mind Green Romper!

#3 Little White Dress with Sandals

A white summer dress never goes out of style. Plus, white fabric reflects light and can keep you cool on warm days. So save your LBD (little black dress) for date night.

Summer Tip: What’s absolutely crucial to wearing a little white dress? Or really, a little white anything? The perfect nude bra. You might think that comfy petite bras are the unicorns of the fashion world. Well, get ready to step right into Unicorn Forest… that is, Lulalu. Lulalu is an intimate apparel company that specializes in bra sizes A, AA, and AAA. So you can find that perfect 32 AA bra to pair with your go-to sundress.

#4 White Button-Up with Denim Shorts… or Not.

A white linen or cotton button-up is a must-have for the season. The best part? A white button-up doesn’t have to be fitted to be stylish. Unbutton the last few buttons, make a knot, and voila! You have a tie-front shirt.

You can pair this top with your favorite jean shorts… or not. Put some sizzle in your summer by wearing a white button-up as a dress. Just try on non-petite sizes and see which length you like. Add a waist belt, some double strap heels, and get ready to turn heads on the boardwalk. Because if any girl can pull off that look, a petite girl can.

#5 Shorts and a Graphic Tee

Graphic tees are fun and fashionable for barbecues, picnics, and casual drinks on the patio.

Tuck your shirt into a pair of colorful or denim shorts for a more “together” outfit. You can also tie up the shirt hem at your waist for a flirty peek-a-boo at your stomach.

Are you looking to stock up on graphic tees for the summer? Find some inspiration from these summery shirts from Sevenly:

  • Floral Vintage Flag Tee – The only choice for a 4th of July BBQ.
  • Eucalyptus V-Neck Tee – If you’re a summer gardener, this one would be so cute for trips to the plant nursery!
  • “Hi Neighbor” Scoop Neck Tee – An homage to the greatest neighbor of all time, (Mr. Rogers) and a super flattering white t-shirt that goes with everything.

#6 Polka Dot Dress with Double-Strap Sandals

The results from fashion-week are here. Polka dots are… in! A polka dot dress and a pair of double strap sandals is guaranteed to stun. Try this look for Sunday morning brunches and outdoor street fairs.

#7 Anything with a Sun Hat

Elevate any summer outfit with a fashion-forward sunhat. Here are a few to look for this summer:

  • Wide-brimmed summer hats
  • Boater hats
  • Fedoras

You might be thinking, “But every hat I try on engulfs my entire head!” You can put your pretty little petite head at ease. Setar Trading Company has an entire section of their website devoted to petite women. Now that’s worth a tip of your hat!

Go Big on Summer Styles

Some things are just more fun in summer. And you can enjoy them so much more when you’re wearing the styles of the season. You can rock a graphic tee to the neighborhood block party or drop jaws in your white sundress. Whatever you’re wearing, make this summer the most fun and the most fashionable.