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7 Tips For Learning To Play Guitar Explained

The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments in the world and it can be seen almost everywhere. People are very much fond of playing the guitar and this is why there are so many music schools in India where guitar classes are offered. Once you have learnt all the basic chords, you can hone your skills by playing as much as you can.

Guitar is believed to be one of the best instruments to accompany a singer and it gives nice background music to almost any composition. In Kolkata you will find many youngsters going to guitar classes. There are so many guitar coaching institutes; but going for the best guitar classes in Kolkata is absolutely important. Only the best classes will help you learn the right techniques in the best way possible.

Few tips while playing the guitar

Taking up the classes of guitar is really interesting for the beginners. It allows an individual to learn at his/her own pace. The classes begin with the basics of guitar for the beginners. There are certain tips that will help the beginners to get started easily. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Avoid left-hand death grip

When you are starting to learn how to play the guitar, you will come to know that pressing the strings against the fret board is very difficult, makes your wrist ache and it hurts your finger too. To overcome this problem, you can hook your thumb over the fret board so as to get a grip. This helps you press the string more by your fingertip rather than your finger’s flat pad. This condition is termed as death-grip because your fingers cannot reach up to the strings which results in restriction for using your fingertip. You have to place your thumb at the back of guitar’s neck.

  1. Rehearse while standing and sitting

You need to rehearse while standing, however difficult it might be. Remember, if you keep practicing and give your best then surely one day will come when you will be playing the guitar while standing up in-front of the crowd. You need to buy a good broad strap with a comfortable length. You may also practice while sitting.

  1. Go slow, no need to hurry

If you really want to learn good and basic techniques then do it slowly at your comfortable pace. Never try to learn in a hurry and don’t try to play fast. To learn a good technique, it requires accurate and precise fingering. Hitting on the right notes is very important when it comes to scales or tricky chords. Learn how to play properly and you will get the speed automatically.

  1. Always use the correct fingers

Your every finger is meant to play a certain note on the fret board. If you want to discover some new techniques by using other fingers for playing the chords or notes then you are absolutely wrong. The only thing is, try to learn hard and concentrate on the correct fingering technique. Always remember the position of your hand on the fret board for playing the correct scales.

  1. Use a Metronome

It is a tool used by the musicians while practicing. It generates a steady pulse so that one can play rhythms in an accurate way.  The pulses generated during the process are measured as BPM or beats per minute. The beginners find it difficult to play on a click track so the best way is to use metronome. They can set the BPM in a slow pace and then can start playing at a steady tempo. This will help them improve and enhance their sense of rhythm and timing.

  1. Keep trying the difficult chords

Even though you are finding too much of difficulties while playing some minor chords, you must try to come out of such difficult chords. Instead of running away, spend extra time to learn them, to improve them and to play them perfectly. If now you cannot do this then it will become a barrier for rest of your future. Always try to practice your lessons even in your busy days. Remember, practice makes a man perfect. Try some tricky notes.

  1. Do right hand practice

You can seldom play rhythms with you right hand by keeping the strings mute with the left hand. Choose any easy chord and practice the same by using your right hand. This is mainly done to keep both of your hands in practice. You must learn to play the guitar with both the hands. The best guitar classes in Kolkata help the beginners by implying all these methods to make them a perfect guitarist.

For the youngsters of Kolkata, it is preferred to join the best guitar coaching institutes and side-by-side follow these tips. It is quite obvious to make mistakes while learning but keep practicing, follow the basics and learn proper techniques. One day you will be a great guitar player.