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7 tips to purchase a heavy duty washing machine for your business

By: Eric Reyes

There are some important things to keep in mind when shopping for a heavy-duty washing machine for your business. Whether you own a laundromat or a cleaner, you should make smart decisions to choose the right machines regardless if you just need one or a few. Cost, size, and brand are just a few things to consider when shopping. Heavy duty washing machines are great for handling larger loads of clothing.

First tip to consider is the type of washing machine style you would prefer for your business. They have top loading machines and front-loading machines. Top loading machines typically are a lot cheaper and wash faster that can save a lot of time. They are the most popular on the market today. They do, however, tend to use a lot more energy and water. Front loading machines on the other hand are more efficient because they only use up about half of your water usage. They also feature a much more gentler wash cycle that won’t damage clothing. There’s also a spinning option that can cut your drying time in half.

You will also want to keep the load and capacity option in mind when shopping for a heavy-duty washing machine. Normally they can load anywhere between 12-16 pounds of laundry at a time. A much larger capacity washer can hold up to about 20 pounds of laundry at once. You should take a few things into consideration when thinking about size. Your business may or may not be that big too hold larger capacity washers. It just depends.

Another option to consider is if you would like your washing machine to be coin or card operated. The most traditional option for most businesses is using coin operated machines. These can however cause a lot of security issues. If you would like a more secure option, card operated machines may be your best bet. You will also be able to easily keep track of your cash flow for business purposes using card operated machines.

When shopping for a washing machine, make sure you take the laundry room size into consideration. You may consider using stack-able heavy- duty machines if you are a much smaller business. Otherwise, you may just consider buying a few heavy- duty machines and spreading them out in the business. Another tip to keep in mind is that you may want to save on your energy bills. Energy efficiency is very important when dealing with washing machines, especially when they’re heavy duty. While shopping around, you may find that some washing machines will have an energy star label on them. These are the machines that are better for energy efficiency.

Noise level may or may not be an issue for you. However, depending on the type of business you have, you may prefer a washing machine that does not produce a lot of noise. They may be a bit more on the costly size, but it can be well worth it. The less noise the better especially if you’re someone that needs to concentrate in peace.

This leads to the last tip which is cost. Cost may be a huge issue when shopping around for a heavy- duty washing machine. You need to consider how much you plan on spending to help set up a budget while shopping. This is good because you will automatically know what to look for, and it can help to narrow out those machines that are not in your price range. This is true especially when you are shopping for industrial washing machines. Always remember you get what you pay for which can hinder your business.

Heavy duty washing machine shopping doesn’t have to be complex. If you remember to keep these tips in mind, your shopping experience will go smoothly. Cost, size, capacity, noise level, energy efficiency, and style are all things to consider while shopping for a heavy- duty washing machine for your business. You want something that is going to last you for some time. In the end you may plan on investing a few bucks into a machine that will handle the capacity of your business without causing you any issues in the long run.

About the author: Eric Reyes is a passionate thought leader having been featured in 50 distinguished online and offline platforms. His passion and knowledge in Finance and Business made him a sought after contributor providing valuable insights to his readers. You can find him reading a book and discussing current events in his spare time.

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