7 Top Reasons for Outsourcing Call Center Services to the Philippines

As global trade expanded and globalization of work and workforce along with products and services took place, it has become more and more competitive than ever to find the right man for the right job.

Efficiency and Cost management along with quality has become the most important markers for Information technology and Information technology Enabled Services.

Outsourcing to other countries such as Software outsourcing to India, outsource call center, Philippines, Outbound Marketing Outsourcing to China has become very popular options for Technology Giants in many countries.

There are some key benefits that make outsourcing such a preferred means of getting the job done. Outsourcing means that you have the assured benefit of a helping hand that entirely takes over a process and has assured results and key performance measuring Indices.

Outsourcing can be done not just for call centers, but also for Customer Service Support, Technical Support, Outbound Marketing, and Telemarketing, Medical Transcription, Legal transcription, Email, and Chat Support Services, etc.

Apart from the fact that Outsourcing is very beneficial for the outsourcing company, it also benefits the country the service has been outsourced to :

  • Outsourcing increases job opportunities
  • Provides quality training for a skilled workforce
  • Aids Economic Status
  • Helps in Globalisation of Service and resources
  • Promotes healthy Competitiveness

The Top Seven Reasons to Outsource Call center Philippines

Trained Staff

The Philippines is one of the most enthusiastic and open to learning resources. The staff is very quick at learning and are usually trained from a young age in creative learning, training with language and customer handling, etc.

Since many companies outsource to the Philippines, there are a number of trained and experienced staff already present in the Philippines who can kick start your process immediately. There are many well-trained offices and call center establishments that you may choose from to outsource your requirement.

Low Employee Cost

The cost of living and the value of money in the Philippines is lesser than the American Dollar. Therefore, if you are from the US or from The UK, or any other country whose monetary value is higher, you may be able to find good and quality manpower at a cheaper price in the Philippines.

There is no doubt on the quality of the workforce but since the Dollar rates are higher than the Philippian Currency, it is easier to trade in the country.

Professional Resources

The Work culture and ethics of the Filipino people are very famous across the world. In business terms, Filipinos have a strong cultural background, high moral values, exceptional work ethics, and high business morale. This makes for the best professional staff for any company that would like to outsource their customer-facing end to the Philippines as they are approachable, easy to talk to, and very patient. Their Professionalism is lauded across the global market and is one of the best in the world.

Efficient Process Governance

Once you hand over your outsourcing platform to the Philippines, it is completely handled independently by the companies in the Philippines. You can rest assured that your customer support team or the technical team or any other job that you have outsourced is done brilliantly.

Filipinos are excellent with performance and back-up paperwork. All work is documented, calls are recorded and all the process is backed up and ready to be analyzed at any point of time making it extremely easy for the host company.

Filipino Work culture

Filipinos are known for their high-efficiency work culture. They do not waste time, are very hard working, are open to working in different shifts, are willing to work for many kinds of processes, are open to multitasking, and are highly professional.

All in all, this makes them a wonderful ground force for your customer-facing or technical support end. Employee turn around is very low and employees are very loyal in the Filipino work culture making it very easy for the host country to manage its resources.

Government Support

The Government of the Philippines understands the huge potential of the BPO driven business and has rendered a lot of support in terms of language proficient curriculum, customer end based curriculum in colleges, BPO driven course in universities, incentives and tax rewards for host countries, better packages, and funding support for BPO call centers in the country.

Multilingual Support

Filipinos have excellent English Proficiency and are also fluent in Thai, Chinese, Malay, and even Spanish. This makes them an excellent choice for having them at the customer and technical end support team. The Business English Index score for the Philippines is one of the best in the world.