7 Top Unicorn Presents That Will Make The Perfect Unicorn Gift This Christmas

Unicorn gift items has topped the list of gifting ideas for a long period of time. This is possible only because such presents have always been the unique and intelligently structured gift items.

The 7 top picks of gifts for this Christmas are as follows:

  1. Bag of Unicorn Farts:

Cotton candies are always a success with kids as well as elders. This bag contains several cotton candies which are gluten-free. Keeping in mind the aspect of hygiene the candies were made of candy-coated pink marshmallows along with sun sweetened glitter-water.

You can gift this bag of candies to a wide range of people as well as this is a more safe gift because everyone is sure to love it.

  1. Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float:

This is one of the unique kinds of unicorn presents, that can be given almost on any occasion beginning from birthday to Christmas. A person well acquainted with the usage of it is sure to be extremely delighted.

At the back of the unicorn, there is a flexible space to let yourself in quite comfortably, and then you can easily bask around in it with leisure. You can surely try gifting this in the upcoming Christmas.

  1. Shiny Unicorn Horn Glitter Elastic Headband:

Headbands are always a hit with girls of almost all ages. This is a pretty looking headband which is a blend of many vibrant colours. The elastic used in the item is very comfortable and will not in any way cause any pain.

The band is quite flexible, which can be used for quite variable sizes. Just see the smile on her face, when you’ll gift this.

  1. Unicorn Party Bundle:

The gift item is mainly cherished by the elder girls but can be gifted to some younger ones too. The bundle as it suggests is the combination of a number of things; there are 8 and 12 small and large plates respectively, 16 and 20 large and small napkins respectively, 8 party bags, 12 cute cups and lastly there are 8 beautiful looking Unicorn hats.

Gifting this to a newly married or engaged couple can make their perfect Christmas present.

  1. Nails Inc Unicorn Nail Polish Duo:

Doesn’t the very name suggest that girls will go head over heels upon this item? This is basically a box of two nail polish bottle. The colours of both the nail polishes are love. One is the Sparkle Like a Unicorn in Dream Dust with fabulous and high-quality 3D sparkle, and the other is the Rainbow Wishes with an amazing soft rainbow sheen. This long-lasting nail polish combo is a kind of must this Christmas.

  1. Unicorn Pillow:

Well, this is a very adorable looking pillow. The white and elegant looking thing is dotted with a big black eye along colourful horn, pink mane, and brown ears. You can’t just miss gifting it this Christmas.

  1. Gofloats Unicorn Drink Float:

It is a three unicorn float kit. There are three cute looking Unicorns on the back of which there are spacious areas to place your cup. These unicorns will float around, while any of you three can enjoy the scenery as well as your beverage seating on your poolside. It is more of a family gift, and this Christmas is the best occasion to gift in.


You should pick a couple of them this year for gifting at Christmas. Then watch how you become a favourite among the others.