7 Unique Website Design Ideas for 2023

Websites are an indispensable component of brand marketing. From attracting prospects to converting leads into customers and setting a positive brand image, the top website design companies say that web design gains paramount concern.

And there are many contributing factors that top the list, including security, user experience, visual impact, and compelling Call-To-Action(s). Industry research shows that website design alone fuels more than 90% of first impressions.

Now, here’s the challenging bit.

As a brand, you’ve got roughly 05 seconds to ensure a user stays on your website. And a functional and attractive website can impact the conversions ratios by as much as 200% while increasing the chances of conversion by 400%.

Such riveting stats open up a new perspective for brands to embrace unique website design ideas for maximum impact.

In this article, we have compiled a list of seven awesome examples of world-class brand websites. Let’s check ’em out!

Apple – The Power of Minimalism

Like everyone else, a few web design companies dig what Apple has done with their website. At the outset, the design reinforces the power of simplicity. Similar to their impressive product line, the website also sets a minimalist web design benchmark.

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The USP: As a technology-driven product company, Apple’s motto is to sell its come-of-age, sleek, and stylish products. The ethos gets translated to their design with the most strategic use of white space, clear, easy-to-comprehend, crisp copy, purposely oversized images, and bold fonts.

If you are a product-driven brand, your website design’s sole focus should be seamless navigation to kickstart the buying journey.

Swab The World

A stellar example of a website that uses the popular parallax design. The home page of Swab the World is readily attention-grabbing, effectively using negative space complemented by bold colors.

At first glance, ignoring the content, you might mistake it for a fashion or product design company, but its intriguing design compels you to stay when you start exploring what they do and why they are good at it.

The USP: Swab the World’s web design truly reflects what they are. For those who aren’t aware, this is an organization that creates awareness around the globe for stem cell donation. Indeed, a noble endeavor, complex too.

Educating people about stem cell donation to fight terminal illnesses like cancer is no joke. However, to depict a rather complex process in a simple way, the website incorporates pastel shades with animations and images that render the human touch.

After all, it’s a process led by people for the greater good of people.

Spotify Design

As a popular streaming platform, Spotify is certainly no stranger.

As a company with a heart for innovation, Spotify Design is relatively new on the block that focuses on product designing (they call it engineering though). This is one website design example that packs creativity, functionality, and excellence in tandem.

The USP: Color splashes, abstract text shapes, disappearing animations, and a bunch of cool drop shadow effects lure audiences and keep you engaged for good. When eyeing for impact, there are other options than getting loud.

Keep it eye-pleasing, use cool hues, and thread each design element to another to never lose the thread.


A first look at FlyHyer, and you will be blown away by the concept.

As you thumb scroll down, you realize as a private jet charter company; these folks mean serious business. No kidding! FlyHyer already bagged the CSS Design Awards Website of the Month last year, and several website design company appreciates it too.

The USP: Fresh, clean design, effortless navigation, and bold enticing font in blocks keep you wanting for more. Irrespective of whether you looking for a charter jet, we bet users will spend some nice 20-25 min exploring this site in and out.

Settle on a hero element to set the mood right for the entire website and find a way to link it further.

In the case of Hyer, it’s definitely the moving airplane at the top which seals the user’s attention and compels him to scroll down further with the block design and crisp, bold copy takes on.


Don’t you frequently come across a brand site where you actually have to wonder what they do?

Thankfully, Superlist is different. As a productivity app, it aims to change how professionals think, work, and collaborate. And the website design and the web copy are right on the spot.

The USP: Bold fonts, a glimpse of the app screenshots, and playful texts with action verbs replacing CTAs make way for an engaging experience; it’s like you’ve got the app running already.

Website designing for a productivity app doesn’t get any better than Superlist. Why wait for users to download and see what your app is like? Instead, design your web features and prompts similar to what it’s like when using the app to jumpstart engagement.

Superlist is also the winner of Site of the Month (April 2021) at the Awwwards.


As individual creative sites go, iconic film director, producer, and artist Andy Warhol’s website is undoubtedly one-of-a-kind.

Right from the very beginning, the spinning wheel that reads “the story of his life” grants eyeballs, and users get to scroll down and explore Andy’s life as multiple digital arts.

Watch out for the cursor changing into a spotlight which turns it into a negative, or a color inverse takes over upon hovering over each image.

The USP: Bold text makes quite an impact and truly complements the subtle animations. This is a different kind of website that tries to mimic Andy’s thoughts, aspirations, inspirations, his world and sets the scene right for users to see things from a different perspective.

When building a personal site, you can actually go crazy. It’s your site, after all. However, Andy’s site is a fine example of finding a rhythm in madness with unconventional color choices, imagery, and a narrative web copy to finish the frame.

1917: In the Trenches

A website made solely to promote a move called 1917 takes a different stance in this list of unique websites. From walking in the trenches to taking part in missions, it lets users get into the shoes of the characters in the movie.

The USP: Allowing users to relive the film’s characters through gameplay is a great way to build anticipation for the release.

Interactive websites are a rarity. When planning to build one, figure out how users can get a glimpse of what to expect from the product by letting them access some demo features and get simple tasks done.

Wrap Up

Now that you have all the inspiration in the world right in front, it’s time to scratch the design for your brand site. You can take help from the best website design companies that can help brands create stellar websites that pack a punch and deliver the bang for the buck!

If you’ve got an idea, we are here to make it better and get things rolling.