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7 Ways In Which Depression Is Dangerous For Your Health

Depression is a mental health condition in which negative feelings try to take over, and many people suffer. With all the stigmas attached to depression, it is evident that people judge anyone that suffers from the unfair condition.

Thus, I have managed to collect seven different yet unique ways to educate you on how depression is dangerous for your health. If this article helps you, then make sure to share it with others so more and more are aware of the matter and can act in the right way or get their life back on track,

Heart diseases:

Heart diseases and depression go way back then you can imagine. With all the studies conducted, it seemed that depression could make a person have heart disease; if the person already suffers from one, it makes it worse and can make recovery hard.

Depression should be taken as seriously as any physical issue because it can make a person have a stroke, with recent studies conducted, it has been observed that your chances of dying increase by 20% if you suffer from depression.

Depression is not alone in taking you down; things like smoking, alcohol, poor diet, and not exercising are equally important; therefore, you know what to do and where to start, don’t waste another day.

Weight gain:

Weight gain is the easiest thing to do, yet it becomes one of the most painful things when it’s time to shed the gained weight. Depression can make you gain weight as it makes you lazy, stressed, unmotivated, and hopeless with no ambition and passion for anything.

With research, it has been found out that if you are depressed, there are 57% chances of being obese or going towards it. Eating becomes a negative coping mechanism where we tend to eat very less or overeat, and we try to self-medicate ourselves, which makes matters worse. Depression tends to increase the levels of cortisol, which will put more fat on the belly.

A decline in mental health:

If you have been dealing with depression for a very long time and you haven’t seen an expert for it, then that means it has been contributing to the loss of your brainpower.

You lose brain power faster if you are an elderly due to which there can be shrinkage seen in many parts of the brain of the elderly if tested which eventually results in them developing Alzheimer’s disease, which will later not only make them disorientated but will increase the chances of them having a stroke.

Therefore, it is necessary to find help, or the more the episodes you will be facing depressed periods, the higher you will be at the risk of developing these diseases.


Many different chronic pains can take a man towards falling into the dark pits of depression, and if they don’t visit a doctor, then the pain will become worse day by day. With the studies conducted in the past, 50% of the people who suffer from depression complain about pain, which never goes away, and the pain can be in your shoulders, in your right leg, or in the form of a migraine.

When you are depressed, things with the body don’t become easy but harder than before, and treating pain with depression is not easy and not to be surprised. Still, any pain will make depression get worse and worse, but what needs to be understood is that depression does not stop here, and things can start to become worse because the depressed person will want to be isolated after this for which they will make excuses.


One of the scariest things depression does to a person is that it makes them think that if they kill themselves, then everything will be okay, which is never right. The risk of depression and committing suicide increases when there are alcohol and drugs involved.

Warning signs of suicidal thoughts are there and tend to become apparent once you suffer from depression. If anyone around you fascinatingly talks about death or zoning out a lot, they suddenly go sad and then become cheerful the next second. These are some primary symptoms of suicidal thoughts that you need to report to a professional.


Depression negatively affects many systems of the body, but one of the worst things it can do for your body is giving you type 2 diabetes, but it can be controlled by finding help, not eating a poor diet, not smoking, and exercising twice or thrice a week.

Depression plays in different ways, and it tends to take your strengths and turn them into a weakness if you already have diabetes than it can make you lazy and keep you from doing all the essential things that will keep you away from the problem itself.

Furthermore, with the studies conducted, it has been found that 20 to 30% of people that are suffering from diabetes also have depression. Still, if you stand up for yourself, meet an expert, and try to get better, then depression and diabetes will leave you alone for the better.

Substance abuse:

There is not much awareness regarding depression in the world because of the stigmas attached to it. People fail to realize the facts on their own and believe whatever they hear, and in this process, they can hear something inappropriate and accept it.

Due to a lack of education and awareness on the matter, many try to self-medicate themselves without a proper diagnosis and rather than going to a professional, they treat it with drugs and alcohol recommended by someone on the internet or their friend, but what they fail to understand is the fact that the more they drink, the more depressed they will become.

Substance abuse makes it hard to treat depression, and if you are addicted, it affects other body parts such as the liver, which is why it is necessary to consult a professional.

To sum it all up, some doctors today have started recommending products that you can find on this dispensary but make sure to consult your doctor before consuming. Moreover, depression is not easy to bear, so read on it, educate yourself, and then help as many people as possible. Never forget to be kind; they are already going through a lot, and kindness will make things easier for them and make you feel great about yourself.

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