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8 Awesome Things To Do On South Padre Island In Texas

If you are into travel and tours, meeting new people, and experiencing new places, South Padre Island in Texas may be one of those destinations to explore.

If you haven’t already been on any South Padre Trips, it is fair to want to know why there is so much hype about the area and why you should plan a visit. This article goes over 10 of the most exciting activities you can engage in while on a vacation or trip to South Padre Island in Texas.

Rent A Paddleboard

Paddleboarding is an activity that didn’t gain fame and traction until much recently. Now that it has become a mainstream activity, it is a great way to spend quality time on the water and can also double as a great workout routine, especially if you are looking to work a sweat while on this trip.

An amazing advantage of this activity is the plenty of rental options you can choose from. As a vacationer or traveler, you already know that the more options you have, the easier it is to drive a bargain. If you aren’t already familiar with paddle boarding but wish to learn, you can also find a couple of training lessons on the island. Some of the rental shops also offer classes which makes it all the more fun and easier.

Horseback Riding On The Beach

While on the island, another good activity to engage in is horseback riding. If you are a big fan of great vacation photographs, this may be one of the highlights to post on your social media feed.

You can enjoy seamless and eventful horseback riding by researching some of the top parks in the area that offer the service. One of the most recommended places to visit is Island Adventure Park, where you get paired up with a beautiful horse in no time. This experience could easily be one of the best ones for you during this trip.

Take A Scoot Coupe For A Ride

There is a little scooter called the Scoot Coupe, and this may be the activity for the young at heart who wish to feel like kids again. The tiny little cars are designed to help you reminisce about your childhood while also offering you a chance to compete on the road with adult cars. With the cars going as fast as 40 mph, you can organize a mini race with friends and loved ones to amp the fun.

Love Sea Turtles?

If you are a lover of aquatic wildlife, you’ll find a visit to Sea Turtle Inc. to be refreshing and educational. Sea Turtle Inc. is on a mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and release injured sea turtles so you can find an abundance of sea turtles who need love and attention. The establishment also protects turtle eggs and hatchlings, so you get to see what they look like.

Bird Watching On The Boardwalk

If you wish to take a brief break from the island to explore other parts of the area, then the Laguna Madre Nature Trail is the place to be. Located near South Padre Island Convention Centre, the 1,500-foot boardwalk offers you the perfect spot to birdwatch and spot birds of different species.

Fish And Cook Your Catch

If you have a basic knowledge of fishing, you can put this knowledge to good use while on the island. South Padre Island offers you plenty of opportunities to fish for common species like redfish and trout. If you are lucky to start your fishing expedition in the morning, you can return in the afternoon or early in the evening to clean and cook it. There are a couple of restaurants in the area that will take you up on the offer.

Be The King Of The Skies In A Parasail

If you are the adventurous type who loves to try out new activities, then you should get ready to compete for a chance to rule the skies in a parasail. Many establishments offer this activity including Breakaway Cruises. Parasailing offers you a breathtaking view of the Laguna and South Padre beach from atop. You also get to have so much fun while at it.

A Dolphin-Watching Cruise Sounds Fun

Everybody loves dolphins. Your visit to South Padre Island in Texas is incomplete without a family-friendly activity like this. Take your family and loved ones on a cruise to appreciate the beauty of nature and also to enjoy the company of dolphins. You are sure to have the most fun during this activity.