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8 Easy Ways To Earn Money Staying At Home

You can take freelance writing jobs, start a blog, become an app tester, start teaching online, or even play games online to make good money staying at home.

There are plenty of ways to earn without doing a job or starting a business, and you can do it all without leaving the house.

Here are 8 easy ways you can make money from the comfort of your home-

1. Start Blogging

If you want to make some side income sitting at home, blogging is a fine choice. There are very few risks to blogging, but you will need to start slow. Expecting to get a considerable amount of money just after starting a new venture is impractical.

So you need to have some patience. But if you want to earn quick cash at the shortest convenience, you should look for the best paying survey sites.

But when you do see that your blog is getting a lot of views and reach, you can then start to monetize it by using the following-

  • Become an expert in a niche and start consulting services.
  • Make money using online advertisement, pay-per-click advertising, and sponsored articles.
  • Be a part of affiliate marketing.
  • Gain knowledge about different subjects and create courses to later sell through your blog.

2. Start Freelancing Writing Gigs

This is more suitable for people that love to write. If you love to write and want to earn money by writing articles on different topics, then freelance writing is just for you. Elance has a lot of offers for such writers that can help you get a stable income.

And it is quite simple too. You need basic writing skills and a good understanding of the topics.

You also need a PayPal account to receive your payment. If you have knowledge about SEO, then it’s even better. So visit or to get started with your writing.

3. Sell Your Photos

When searching for images online, you may have seen different photos with watermarks that have “Shutterstock” or “Alamy” written. That is because those are stock photos, and people sell these photos and earn money.

So, selling your own photo is also a great way to start earning money, and you can earn up to $250 every month by selling your photographs.

Companies that use stock photos prefer original photos as the stock photos lack authenticity and originality. So, these companies pay a really good amount of money.

EyeEm is a great site where you can sell your photographs. Just having some basic photography knowledge can help you get your photos selling quite easily.

But if you are into creating video content, then you can also try making videos on YouTube.

4. Small Tasks Using Your iPhone or Android

There are some great ways to make money with your smartphone, and one of them is using the app Gigwalk found in both Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Gigwalk will give you random tasks, and if you complete them, it will provide you with a hefty amount of money.

You can be assured that these random tests are completely safe and ethical.

One such work is to take photos of different chip packets, and 20 photos will give you about $8. Another one is to take photos of restaurant signs, which are pretty simple to do and not time-consuming.

If you continue to do such gigs, you will earn “Gigwalk Streetcred”, meaning you can now get higher paying gigs that can be as much as $90.

5. Get Paid to Teach Online

Many people find teaching to be a very profound work, and even some people find joy in teaching others.

If you live in the US, Canada, or the UK, and you have a bachelor’s degree, you can start teaching English online and earn a very handsome amount of money.

One such website is VIPKID, where you can teach English to Chinese students aged 5 to 12 years. You can earn up to $22 per hour.

6. Get Paid to Play Games Online

This is an excellent opportunity for people who spend a lot of time gaming. Many websites pay you money for playing video games. One such thing is AppFlame. AppFlame is an android app that lets you earn money and gift cards for playing video games.

AppFlame views your interests and recommends the top games of that category. As you play those recommended games, you earn Amazon gift cards. The more you play, the more amazon gift cards you will earn.

7. Test Websites & Apps For Some Decent Money

Many new websites need to have test runs before they can be fully operational. The same goes for apps. When an app is in development, it requires testing multiple times before it can be launched publicly.

Owners of these websites and the app developers often hire people to test their apps and websites, and in return, pay them money. This is very simple, and testing the website or app for about 10-20 minutes can get you around $10. You might need to record a video of you testing that website or app and send it to the company as proof.

8. Rent Out Any Extra Room

So you are currently living in your apartment, but you have a spare room. Even though no one is in that room, you still have to pay for both.

Why not try to rent that spare room, so you and your roommate can share the apartment rent?

There are many sites where you can look for spare rooms and even put your extra room up for rental service. One such website is Airbnb, which is the world’s most popular room rental market. The rooms you see here are safe and simple.

You can also check the guests who want to rent your room and even have some question-answer sessions to be better informed about the guest.

Final Thoughts

Earning money does not always have to be through steady day jobs or business. There are multiple methods of making money even by sitting at home, and hopefully, this article has given you some practical ways of doing so.