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8 Effective Ways to Attract Potential Customers

If you want your business to grow successfully and gain wide traction, you must come up with a good strategy. The world keeps changing every day, and coming up with ways to attract potential customers should be your number one priority. However, how do you achieve that? Here are eight effective ways you can use to attract potential customers.

Offer Promotions and Discounts to New Customers

When people are shopping online or in a store, they look for deals and value. If a customer enters and finds a special offer like buy 3-get-1 free, they may get lured to purchase. Another strategy that you can use is to offer an introductory discount to your customer. Such things can attract potential customers who required an incentive to change their spending behaviour. After capturing the customer to purchase your product, track the things, they purchase and create a customized offer. This helps in creating solid loyalty.


If you want to raise your brand’s awareness, make a meeting with new people. You can achieve this through joining a local chamber of business, trade association, and networking organizations. Showing up in Meetup organizations will grant you the opportunity to share with potential clients what you do. You may also consider attending the PTA meetings if your business is locally owned. When networking, your attitude should be how you can help your customer.

Ensure Your Website Is Up-To-Date

The main way through which B2B buyers and consumers find a new business is through online search. It is important to review your SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) techniques and tactics. Also, ensure your website is mobile-friendly. The reason being most individuals search for services or products using their phones.

If you do not have an expert to optimize your site, consider hiring a freelance web designer or SEO expert. They will ensure they reduce the amount of graphics on your site to increase the load speed. They will also ensure that clients can navigate your site easily. An easy-to-navigate site that loads faster attracts potential customers.

Promote Your Business

Showcasing your business expertise helps in generating interest and creating a buzz that attracts potential clients. Here are some of the ways you can use to impress your potential customers and clients:

  • Speaking on industry panels voluntarily
  • Holding educational meetings
  • Giving a workshop or webinar
  • Speaking to groups, the potential clients belong to
  • Giving a speech at industry events

If you are a B2B owner, it is advisable to apply the above techniques to earn several potential clients.

Educating Customers Digitally

One important thing to note is that educating customers is not marketing; it is the processes and activities that a business uses to equip clients with the skills and knowledge required to use the services and products. For instance, you can use digital signage solutions to educate your customers. Digital signage depicts images and videos of your business. They also show how to use the products offered by your business.

The technique of educating the clients digitally will help you to thrive in a very competitive market since you can reach them promptly and more engagingly.

Make Use of Online Review Sites and Ratings

Before purchasing products or asking for services from a company, most clients look for online review sites and ratings. It is important to keep track of the reviews on these sites and make sure you respond to any issue, both positive and negative. You may also use the positive reviews on your website. Social proof makes new clients trust your services or products. You can also post signage that encourages the client to add any perspectives.

Encourage Your Loyal Customers to Bring Referrals

It is time to ask your old clients for referrals if you have built customer loyalty. It is impossible to achieve this by passively waiting for them to bring their close friends and family. You will need to put some effort and develop a systemized approach to solicit new clients from your loyal client base. You can send follow-up messages to know whether your services or products satisfied your client.

Participate in Charity and Community Events

Aim to raise your business’ profile by taking part in charity organizations and events. You can do things like sponsoring a fun run, supplying a football team with supplies, donating funds to help the disabled in the community, and organizing a holiday for kids. Such activities touch people’s hearts, and they want to promote your business in return.


Finally, attracting new customers is not an easy task. You have to invest in the above ways to attract potential clients. If you cannot implement all of the eight ways, try one or two, and they will make a huge difference.