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8 functional items to make your bathroom more comfortable

A bathroom is a place of rest and relaxation. To spend time with added value, add small touches to the interior that will make the space more functional. In this article, we will tell you what items will make spending time in the bathroom even more comfortable.

Hanging organizer

It’s a convenient place to store gels, washcloths, shampoos and other products close to the bath. Also, such organizers are often hung over vessel bathroom sinks. They can be attached to the wall on a hook-hanger or placed as a separate item. Choose a product based on the size of the room and the number of care products.

Multifunctional mirror

If the bathroom is small, every centimeter is important. Instead of the usual flat mirror, choose an option with hidden or side shelves. The item will look stylish and minimalistic, and on the shelves you can place a lot of useful things, hiding them from prying eyes.

Wall hanger

The more hooks the bathroom has, the better it is. So you don’t have to scatter clothes and towels around the room or hang everything on one carnation. A convenient option is a folding hanger. It can be unfolded to accommodate more items or folded as needed. Another solution is to hang a hooked shelf for extra space for your bathing accessories.

Wicker baskets

Baskets will be an excellent decorative and functional addition. It is convenient to store towels, household appliances such as a hairdryer and a hair iron, cosmetics in them. You can also use baskets with a lid to store dirty laundry. Due to the weaving, air circulates in the products, so that the clothes do not stick.


You can put things that you constantly carry into these objects: jars, all sorts of little things. Also, use the tray for its intended purpose – make a bubble bath and prepare the treats.

Bathroom shelf

An alternative version of the tray, which will help arrange the perfect relaxation. Such shelves are available both for a freestanding bath and for a built-in one. Place lighted candles, a glass of wine, or your favorite book on the shelf. Caution: there is a risk of spending even more time in the bathroom.

Sconce near the mirror

Provide good lighting near the mirror. For example, hang a sconce or a lamp on top of the sides. So you can apply makeup with high quality and not be afraid that you have added something extra. And other procedures are more pleasant to perform in good light.

Scent for home

Buy a home aromatherapy spa. Use tasty sprays and sticks in the bathroom. An alternative option is an aroma lamp and oils. Breathing in beneficial scents will strengthen your immune system and cheer you up.