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8 Recycled Home Décor Ideas

We produce a massive amount of waste and trash, individually or as a household unit daily. Imagine them piling up for weeks, months, even years. It is pretty alarming. Thankfully, several communities have been advocating the process of recycling.

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Benefits are endless, but ultimately, it focuses on the significant reduction of pollutants and waste. The end-all and be-all of the sustainable lifestyle movement is the conservation and preservation of resources to benefit the well-being and the environment.

Upcycling, repurposing, and refurbishing are several derivatives of recycling. As a home transition into sustainable living, potential waste is turned into functional and decorative pieces. Here are eight creative recycled home décor ideas that can elevate any living space.

Vinyl record bowls: Heat old vinyl records to easily mold them into flower-like structures shaped like an eating bowl. Paint and design them according to your liking and personality. These bowls are great for holding candies, candles, and trinkets. It is also a fantastic fruit bowl centerpiece.

Coffee tin and bottle cap wind chime: Transform your porch and entryways with an eye-catching chime. Collect bottle caps from your go-to sodas and beers and link them together in a rainbow dangle.

Stool made out of crates: Upcycle your humdrum storage crate by adding a cushion on top and turning it into a stool. Then, with a bit of nail and hammer work, add stool legs on all four sides. Additionally, the repurposed furniture can still fit under the bed, making it a piece of economical furniture.

Knife block using books: A one-of-a-kind kitchen innovation. Bundle old books together with a tight twine or ribbon to snugly fit in knives between hardbound covers and pages. Make use of various sizes of books depending on the length of the blades.

Decorative candle holder made out of old keys: Artistically glue keys together to make out geometric and odd designs. Keys that are fused can create unique shapes for the candlelight to peek through. Shadows are cast as well, with the light around the room.

Scrap wood picture frame: Build a picture frame from scrap wood blocks by sanding them properly and painting them. Apply a design to your liking, whether colorful or minimalist. Install hinge for a tabletop frame or hook for a hanging one.

Braided shirt coasters: It is a waste to dispose of cotton shirts. Instead, find a good use for them by cutting them into strips and braid them up into nifty coasters. Be crafty with color combinations and cloth patterns.

Forks as hanging hooks: Look for mismatch forks and silverware from your kitchen drawers. On a colorful wood plank, screw-in bent forks as hooks with prongs bent out as wavy branches. These are quirky and fun ideas for hanging accessories, towels, keys, notes, or linens.

Possibilities are countless when it comes to recycled arts and crafts. Draw design inspiration from these décor ideas for your decluttering and home decorating projects. With the right intention, craftiness, and creativity, recycled home décor can turn into an accent piece, storage, and organizing solution, and a vibrant fixture to better any living space.