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8 Tips To Avoid Jewellery Scam Online

By: Lisa Eclesworth

Buying things online is normal nowadays, but that doesn’t mean every online seller is honest. People are getting scammed, and this could hit you hard if you’re buying jewellery, but the following tips can help you avoid a scam.

  1. Consistent Photographs

One way to tell that the site is trustworthy when shopping for jewellery online is if you notice consistently good quality pictures of the product. If you notice different backgrounds and photographic styles, it might not be a trustworthy site. This alone doesn’t prove anything, but if you notice this sign along with others, then be cautious.

  1. Online Presence

Another sign that something might be wrong is if the store you’re considering has no online presence. These folks are selling online, so they can engage with their customers. If you don’t find them anywhere, you might want to proceed with caution. Now, it’s possible a business doesn’t have a social media presence. Maybe the company hasn’t gotten around to joining any social media platforms, but that’s rare in today’s world.

  1. Little Interaction

Online presence is one thing to look for, but you also want to make sure the online store is interacting with customers. You want to see reviews, responses, and resolutions. Just because a store has a lot of followers, doesn’t mean they are legit. Sometimes, followers can be purchased to make a company seem like it’s popular, but that could be a part of the scam. Pay attention to how many people are talking to and interacting with the company, not just the number of followers.

  1. Ask for More Pics

A good online jewellery store is going to have plenty of pictures, but that doesn’t mean they can’t send a few more to you. A genuine store won’t hesitate to take a picture for you at the angle you want. Well, a big online store might take a minute to respond to you, but they’ll be able to send you more pictures. A scam store might have trouble with your request, especially if they don’t have the piece they’re trying to sell to you.

  1. Check the Security

Real sites are secure, and that means you’ll see a padlock logo somewhere in the URL. This is telling you that these folks are serious about their site and have been investing in their security protocols for some time. It should tell you that any information you provide will be safe. This is important since you might share credit card numbers, your email, or physical addresses with this business.

  1. Staying Updated

A real online company is going to make sure its site looks new and updated. The truth is people can tell when a site looks outdated. The graphics don’t look great, the navigation looks old, and the pictures aren’t high quality. A site that is not taken care of is one you should mistrust.

  1. Errors on the Page

A reputable site is going to worry about mistakes on their site. If you notice a lot of grammatical errors on various pages of the jewelry store you’re considering, then it might not be legitimate. Scammers aren’t worried about grammar or other errors you might find. All they want is for a page to look decent enough to fool people who aren’t paying attention to the details.

  1. Too Cheap to be Authentic

A big sign that something is wrong is if you see unbelievable prices. You might notice a particular brand that normally costs thousands of dollars, but it’s being sold for a few hundred dollars by this store. Expensive pieces are sold at high prices for a reason, such as paying the artists for their work and attention to detail. It’s quite tempting to believe that you’ve found a great bargain, but don’t let your desire to pay less beat your common sense.

You’ve got all the ways you can avoid getting tricked into buying jewellery that isn’t real. Try to pass on some of this information to loved ones and friends so that they aren’t fooled either. Trust your gut with this. If something doesn’t feel right, then don’t take a risk on it.

About the Author:

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