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8 Ways To Cope With The Winter Blues

Few of us can boast that a good mood accompanies them 24 hours a day. Usually, in the state of melancholy, we listen to music that covers us with sad thoughts and memories, watch films whose storylines bring us to tears, or just complain that everything in life is not right and wrong.

Do the frosty, gloomy winter days give you the desire to climb in bed and hibernate until spring? You are certainly not alone. In the Pacific Northwest, winters are stormy and dark, there is so much less great sunlight it makes it easy to be overcome by the blues. What can you do to make it through without falling into an emotional pit?

8 ideas to help you improve your mood

Exercise: Grab your coat and go for a walk, take a dip in an indoor pool, or go to the gym. Exercise can help just as well as antidepressants when it comes to mild to moderate depression.

Have Your Vitamin D Levels Tested: Sunlight is a great way to get vitamin D, a nutrient linked to mood boosts and sharper thinking. Talk with your physician about possibly adding a vitamin D supplement to your daily regimen.

Consider Light Therapy: Try to add more light to your life. Perhaps you can change your work and exercise areas to a place close to a window. If this is not possible, there are lamps available that can simulate natural light.

Eat A Healthy Diet: Complex carbs can give you an energy boost and make you feel better than ever. In addition, fruit and vegetables that are orange or green have nutrients that promote improved moods and overall wellness.

Stimulate Your Senses: It can be advantageous to add bright colors to your life. This can mean doing something as drastic as repainting your environment or simple, like adding a bright polish to your nails. Great scents can improve mood as well. Try to get your hands on some essential oil with a refreshing scent, like peppermint.

Nurture Your Spirit: Relax for a moment with a good book or take the time to write in a journal. You should not always depend on others when you can nurture yourself.

Take A Sunny Vacation: If you have the time and money, try planning a trip to a place with a ton of sun.

Consider Seeing A Therapist: If you try all of the other ideas and nothing seems to be working, you should consult a therapist. They can help you boost your positivity level and feel better overall.

Sadness or Depression?

Depression – many people readily put this diagnosis to themselves or to those around them, associating it with a bad mood, a gloomy character, a sad expression on their face, and even a love of melancholic music.

But it’s not that simple … The therapist helps to understand the difference between a medical diagnosis and negative emotions.

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