9 Things to Consider While Choosing an Android App Development Company

Android mobile apps have been ruling the app market for long and this domination will continue in years to come. Owing to the sharply rising sales of Android devices, businesses are increasingly partnering with Android app development companies to cater to their market and reap high benefits. However, the success or failure of an app depends heavily on the outsourcing company chosen for the job and this underscores the importance of delegating the work to the right vendor.

The following tips would help organizations and individuals choose a reliable Android app development company to work with

Conduct Thorough Research

The ideal app development company doesn’t need to be operating in the same city or country as the client. Offshore outsourcing is a popular practice with businesses in the US and Europe and some of the best offshore vendors are based in Asian countries such as India and China. The client should use the internet and compile a list of some of the most trustworthy Android app development companies around the world and connect with them.

Use technology to connect with the best prospects to achieve the intended business results.

Look for A Company With Solid Experience

There are companies galore that claim to have mastered the art of creating first-rate mobile apps at temptingly low prices. However, most of them lack relevant work experience and client testimonials to support their claim. Trusting such a company may (though not always) turn out to be disastrous for the project. The organization must look into the past clients and projects of the vendor, test the apps they built, and gauge their true capabilities from it. The client should thoroughly analyze the vendor’s domain skills, UI/UX expertise, and app developing experience to have an idea of its real worth.

The previous projects of the vendor testify its worthiness as a reliable app development company.

Costing and Budget

This is a critical factor since every business has an approved budget for its tasks and exceeding that might be inconvenient or at least strain business relations. This is precisely the reason why the budget allocated should be communicated to the Android app development company before striking any deal and there should be mutual agreement on completing the job within that amount. Also, if the client demands, the vendor should be able to outline a plan for monetizing the application and projecting it as the right app for the target audience.

Money matters everywhere, even in mobile app development.

A Real Contributor

Besides the regular app coding and testing, the vendor should have an outside the box approach and make insightful suggestions to improve the app’s functioning and aesthetics. A different perspective of the vendor can, at times, do wonders to the app by introducing significant changes to the UX/UI, delivering higher results that gain instant popularity with users.

There should be a healthy exchange of suggestions and ideas to deliver a better product at the end.

Full Support

If the client needs post-launch support from the vendor, it should be fully equipped to extend help and must assume full responsibility for all future updates and upgrades. Reliable vendors offer round the clock assistance for critical bug fixes and even train the client team on maintaining the app.

The ideal vendor’s scope of work extends well beyond the initial release of the app; it enables the client to get real business values from it.


Both the client and the vendor must agree on a project timeline and stick to it. The vendor should be aware of the costs the client would pay for a delay in the release of the app and should have the resources and plan to deliver the app on time. There should also be enough time to respond to any iterations or last-minute requirements without delaying the release or affecting the quality.

The project timeline is one of the primary factors that determine the success of the app.

Efficient Communication Lines

The success of the project relies heavily on the communication lines maintained at all times that allow the client and the vendor to interact back and forth, ensuring smooth collaboration. Synchronous communication among the stakeholders is critical and the service provider should keep the client team informed of all major developments on a daily basis. Common communication channels include phone calls, Skype and other live chat platforms, and emails. There shouldn’t be any language barrier between the two sides and all important points should be in writing.

The client should be given access to the latest project collaboration tools for better communication with the vendor and to monitor the project progress.

Data Security

The vendor should be known for developing Android apps with secure codes that address all security concerns such as insecure deployments and storage, safe leaks, privacy violations, and others. The service provider should have multi-layered security solutions that protect the app from insufficient cryptography, malware programs, and SMS-based attacks.

The vendor should follow the app security best practices to protect the app from all possible threats.


Besides technical expertise, the app development firm should share the interest of the client and understand their business objective. It shouldn’t just rush through the coding stage without understanding the needs of the client and the target audience. The vendor should adopt a client-centric approach and shouldn’t treat the project as a one-time engagement as the app would require regular updating and upgrading. Thus, the development side should have a well-laid plan to constantly improve the app and by adding and removing features as per the market trends.

The vendor must treat the project as an ongoing partnership and should fully understand the client’s needs and the scope of the product.

Today, there are countless large, small, and mid-sized Android app development companies competing against each other in the market and not all of them are equally good for all sorts of projects. Hence, one should be cautious while choosing an app development partner and the points listed above would help them to this end.