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A Comparison of Tension Fabric Display and Pop Up Display

When exhibitors and event planners are looking to make a perfect match of the back wall for their booth they often get confused about what could be the best possible way to head among a conventional pop-up display and the tension fabric display. No doubt both are used for the same reason and offer a branded display for your wall for any size of booth spaces. However, those alternatives have some variations that you may need to take into account whilst creating a choice. This article will assist to provide an explanation for both popup and tension fabric display. Read the complete article to select the best one for you.

Traditional popup displays 

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Tradeshow Pop Up Displays (or are also known as conventional or traditional  Pop-Up Displays), had been the primary kind of really transportable back wall display that hit the marketplace a few years ago. For exhibitors which have been across the tradeshow circuit for a protracted time, you’re probably very familiar with this tradeshow popup displays. While they arrive indirect or curved variations and feature exclusive sizes, the most famous one is the ten-foot curved. These are the accordion fashion frames that are just bigger and lock in place. From there the laminated photograph panels are hung from the pinnacle pegs and fix onto the accordion body with magnets. When all of the images panels are connected the Pop Up Display seems like a mural together with your graphic artwork. These Pop-Up Displays commonly include a tough travel case with wheels that still doubles as a podium that you could use. There is a podium photograph that could wrap across the tough case that in the end offers your region a pleasant branded appearance.

Tension fabric displays

There is a use of an aluminium pushpin tube frame system in most tension wall fabric wall displays. Anyone can easily set up this system and also it is easy to snap it fastly. One individual can set up the back wall in just a few minutes. Usually, this form of the body may be installed at the floor first after which the printed cloth just slips over the body as a pillowcase and zippers shut. This is a totally light-weight and transportable alternative that is simple to install and has become really famous over the past decade. While there is no surety that this display involves or not any type of rough travel case. To completely fill your booth with brands you will find counters that are present in the same style as a back wall display.

These are taking on the alternate display product marketplace and with exact reason.  They are visually stunning, dynamic in design, light-weight, durable and you can use it for a long time, flexible and can be quickly installed, also the interface is person-friendly.  They are available in all shapes, sizes, and patterns and best fit for any application whether it’s a small 10×10 first-timer sales space or a huge scale multi-degree showcase sales space experience.  It’s fantastic that no one has thought of this before!

A tension fabric back wall display is a mixture of hardware and stretchy cloth that is completely filled with prints, this is commonly seen in a pillowcase design and comes with a zip finish.

Depending on the form of show, the hardware is generally made out of light-weight aluminium extrusions which might be designed to create the complete shape which includes a curved show or straight back wall body. The aluminium extrusions are generally fabricated or designed in smaller sections in order to join them easily by any individual with a button lock gadget so that a large system can be created.

If you want to pack it in a delivery case then you can again break it into small pieces so it will be easy to lift and transport from one place to another. Some of these displays are much like a conventional pop-up display in that it accordions outward and locks into vicinity however if you want to display with more dynamic shapes then you need to make use of aluminium extrusions.

Full colored and printed fabric is then stretched over the body similar to a pillowcase on a pillow and zipped up or closed giving it a flawless, taut picture at any scale. Other tension fabric displays that use the conventional pop-up technique would possibly have tabs and hook & loop with a view to connect with the accordion designed body. The stretch cloth creates tension and pulls any free regions taut. It is commonly a poly-combo with an elasticized, spandex look to it that keeps the quality of images, shows details and all the colors of the images.

So which one should you select?  

To give an answer to the question as to which one could be the best back wall display for your booth, it simply depends on your choices and at last how you want to display the products. I wish I could clearly tell you which is better than the other one but it is not that easy, one needs to understand that both the displays have their pros and cons. You need to really identify what you are looking for and then select the best one for you. The Traditional Pop Up Displays have a tendency to be heavy due to the laminated photograph panels with magnets and this might be the most important disadvantage. Whereas the tension fabric displays are comparatively lighter in weight and also you can take it in-flight or can easily show and put it in your checked luggage.

The cons with tension fabric display are that if it is stored for a long time there will be creases or wrinkles on its fabric which somehow disturbs the overall look. But the material used in these is extremely good and of high quality that will last long for many years. In case of pop up displays the pictures are available in laminated panels where there is a need to line up them perfectly for giving the exact look which you want to show whereas in tension fabric displays it is available in one piece fabric which always looks great.

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