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A Complete Guide About Moonstone Jewelry

The majority of the folks are investing money in a diamond. However, if you want to spice up an overall collection of jewelry, then you must consider shiny moonstone rings & earrings pair. This is considered one of the smoothest & shiny pieces of jewelry.

Every single gemstone is precious & beautiful in its own way. Moonstone is completely different from other stones because it shines in a different way. It completely looks like the reflection of the moon on water due to its physical composition.

These kinds of stones are created from the layer of two orthoclase, minerals & albite. To know more related to moonstone jewelry then, one must read the following important points carefully.

Best Color Options

Moonstone jewelry is available in different kinds of shades, so you can easily find out right hand-selected jewelry in the right color.

These days, blue moonstones are also getting the hype, but one can also find out the best moonstone jewelry in other color options like green, peach, pink, brown, and others.

You can easily get the moonstone from $10 to $1000. Therefore, one will be able to find out right one which can suit the budget.

These types of stones are also cut into beads that are faceted or cabochons. You will find a lot of people are investing money in faceted stones, which can easily hide their flaws.

Choose Right Jewelry

Moonstone jewelry is available for both men & women.

One will be able to combine this stone with mixed metals, silver, titanium, or gold.

You can create amazing rings by using this type of stone. The best thing about this stone is it is already working beautifully with any other gemstone. One will surely find it out in combination with any other colored gems.

A lot of people are also investing money in the moonstone ring of Bella Swan, which is totally inspired by the Bella Swan Heroine.

Needs Maintenance & Care

Moonstone engagement rings have also become popular because they are eye-catching & antique. They are the best option for those who don’t need a classic diamond option. Bear in mind that, this is a soft stone that needs proper maintenance and care also.

This is completely different from the diamond rings, which have looked the same for decades without any work required. You will surely find out the moonstones on earrings & pendants. However, several moonstone bracelets are also available in different designs.

Plenty of pieces are out there which feature both diamonds & moonstones which are definitely fit for the queen. Bear in mind that, in a few years, this stone will lose its polish due to several scratches.

Emotional Healer

Moonstone always encourages natural stability & improves feelings of power. It can easily balance overall emotions & can easily make the wearer feel confident in any kind of situation.

This will easily balance out all the important energies & will also bring stability & peace to those who are insensitive & aggressive. However, one cannot use moonstones in lower-cost jewelry.

You must make contact with a professional jeweler who will give you important information related to this jewelry.

The Final Verdict

Lastly, this is a real gem that has become one of the most important parts of the gemstone family. While buying the gems, it is your responsibility to get the perfect value for your money.

Make sure that you are investing money in genuine moonstone jewelry that can easily fulfill your requirements. If you are buying the moonstone, then you don’t have to use chemicals because it damages its overall quality of it.