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A Dental SEO Company Can Help You Rank #1 On Google (Search & Maps)

First off, congratulations on starting your own business. Now, join hands with an experienced dental SEO agency, so you get to focus on what matters most to you: your patients.

After all these years of improving your skill set, you have started your dream of owning your business. Now that you’ve ventured into a new world, digital marketing looks to be the new modality of promoting your business.

While this can certainly seem overwhelming, an efficient solution is to partner with an agency that provides dental SEO services.

Let’s understand how a dental SEO marketing agency can help you grow your dream business. But first,

Why do you need SEO services as a dentist?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is the method by which you tell Google/ Bing/ Yahoo or any other search engine about your existence.

  • Did you know that search engines generate 53% of all internet traffic?
  • How about the fact that 40% of all revenue generated online is a direct result of search engines?
  • Did you also know that 1/3rd of online clicks go to the website that’s ranked #1 on a search engine results page?

This means that in today’s time, you need to be online to get more patients. Your patients use local search to find you. That means your SEO should include optimizing your website as well as optimize your business for google maps.

How long will dental SEO take?

Usually, it takes about six months to see results. Certain practices have also seen results (increase in traffic, phone calls, and appointments) in just four months.

How much will dental SEO services cost me?

Depending on various factors, a dental website SEO can cost anywhere from $100 to $2000 per month. You could also hire consultants or experts, which can cost you anywhere from $80 to $200 per hour.

How can a dental SEO company help me?

Your end goal is to gain more patients, so you get to practice more, and you end up earning more. This is something that an agency that provides dentist SEO services knows very well. They provide you with strategies that help in:

1. Increasing Your Online Visibility

As said earlier, the closer to the top of Google’s search results your website is, the more you get leads (patients). Getting to the top result requires your website to have:

  • The right content (keyword density, relevant keywords, originality of content, etc.)
  • The right website optimizations (security, mobile-friendliness, loading speed, quality, and many more)

All these optimizations and many other factors allow you to have optimized content for the search query your patients ask Google. The algorithm is such that it wants to bring your patients the most relevant search results for their query.

Working with an experienced agency that provides dentist SEO services will allow your website to be just what your customers are looking for. This means more traffic to your website, and that means more sales for you.

2. Improving Your Brand Awareness And Build Loyalty

Google uses ratings to tell patients about the service quality. While you would be the most patient-friendly dentist in the neighborhood in real life, you need to show your potential patients the same.

A dental SEO company specializes in auditing your website and bringing you the best keywords to help you communicate your services with your potential customers.

Certain tweaks in the structure of your site will allow your customers to get what they need from your website at the earliest. This means more conversions, which is just another fancy way of saying more sales.

As a dentist, you shouldn’t have to worry about writing the perfect blog posts for your customers to find more ways to engage with you. To help your patients keep coming back to your website for more content and establish you as the go-to dentist for all their oral health concerns, you need a blog that targets their queries. A team of expert content writers can do that for you.

3. Improving Your Search Engine Ranking

Google maps is where you want to shine most, so you increase your sales. Think about it; a usual search for you would be: “dentist near me.” A dental SEO agency can optimize your website using local SEO techniques so you can rank #1 on the results page.

4. Saving Money While Measuring Success

The best dental SEO agency knows how to get more traffic to your website. Through on-page and off-page SEO strategies, they get more backlinks to your site, improving your ranking.

These agencies also have access to sophisticated tools that can constantly monitor and analyze your SEO strategy. Your SEO strategy is constantly evolving. These tools take a lot of money.

In the long run, investing in a dental SEO company will mean more savings as you don’t spend your money on hiring multiple experts in SEO, PPC, content writing, etc. Rather you join hands with a team that has been practicing digital marketing for decades.

So stop the internal debate, and find the right dental SEO marketing agency for your business now.