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A detailed review about Gantt chart software

The Gantt chart is a category of bar charts designed to illustrate the project schedule. It is named after Henry Gantt who invented it. The latest Gantt charts show the overall dependency associations between activities and the current schedule status. The best benefits of the Gantt chart encourage many people to use it in their projects.

This bar chart shows a project schedule and lists the time intervals on the horizontal axis and tasks to be executed on the perpendicular axis. The duration of each action in this chart is revealed by the size of the horizontal bars.

Understand the basics

The commending and finishing dates of the terminal and summary elements of the project are illustrated in this chart. This chart shows precedence network relationships between activities. This chart shows the current schedule status with the percent-complete shadings and also the vertical today line.

The main purposes of the Gantt charts are project planning and scheduling and supporting the project managers to know the time requirements and scope of the project. These charts simplify the complex projects and display the complete collaborators as well as task owners in the timeline-based view.

A reliable Gantt chart tool

Choosing the right Gantt chart software is not a challenging thing for all beginners in this software category. This is because an array of Gantt chart tools accessible online at this time.

Smart and experienced project managers make use of and fulfill their expectations about an easy way to complete the project within the schedule. They use the dynamic table view for creating essential fields and visualizing their project in different aspects.

Different integrations of this system with several tools give you different benefits. You can also get various favorable things from the complete host of ready-made applications and smart workflow automation.

Smart project managers prefer and use and get 100% satisfaction from this work OS. They get complete access to all the tools essential for the completion of projects. They have an aim to enhance their profession and professionally use this software as expected. They use this software and make Gantt charts within minutes. They visualize projects in Kanban Board, Gantt, Calendar, and Timeline as expected.


Gantter is an outstanding tool designed for creating the Gantt charts with the best Google integrations. If you use the Goole Docs and sheets, then you can prefer and use this tool. You will get the desired enhancement in your way to complete the project.

The user interface of this tool is the same as Google Products in different aspects. Some of the main elements of this tool are resource management, cost tracking, and analytics tools. The three categories of this tool are Gantter for G Suite, Gantter for Google Drive, and Gantter Cloud.


Instagantt is a successful interactive project management and a popular Gantt chart tool. This software includes so many visual elements like the ability to drag and drop tasks and the facilities to click and expand task timeframes.

Users of this tool click and drag an arrow from one task to another to set task dependencies. They get different advantages from various collaboration features like the task-based chat boards, assignees, and the facility to tag team members in comments.


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