A detailed review of Loomly

We live in the age of the internet. It has touched every aspect of our life in some form and quantity. While it’s pros and cons are debatable, its impact in this modern era can not be denied. Today, we can talk, meet, and even work online. With the number and the variety of online jobs, you can work full-time from just your home. One such job is social media marketing.

Just like the name suggests, social media marketing is the process of promoting your content and product through social media platforms. These platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc connect millions and billions across the world. Marketing to such a huge audience can positively impact your brand’s name and popularity.

However, social media marketing is not as easy and simple as your regular social media consumption. You are required to regularly create and post content. Regularly can mean more than once daily even. Along with that, you have to manage your audience and their feedback to improve your future content. That’s what makes it a profession and different from casual surfing.

However, this job can be made easy with various marketing management told available on the internet. One such tool is Loomly.

Loomly is a cloud-based social media marketing suite that boasts of being capable of fulfilling most of the marketing needs. Loomly was founded by Thibaud Clement and his now-wife Noemie in 2016. It was initially named Calendy before getting renamed in 2017. The idea behind Loomly was to replace spreadsheets that were used in the mainstream for social media management.

Loomly works like a social media calendar. It allows you to monitor and manage multiple social media profiles from just one place. You can link your accounts from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

Facebook marketing requires you to post content through as many platforms as you can, for better results. It gets hard to manage all of them, as you have to keep switching between them. It turns into a headache when it has to be done on a regular basis. With Loomly, you can access all of those platforms from a single platform with ease. Loomly lets you post content across all of your profiles from just one location without switching devices or web pages. It saves you some valuable time and boosts up your productivity. You can work more in lesser time in an easier way.

Not just content, you can also manage your community across all the platforms from one place with Loomly. You can monitor and reply to comments, messages, and all other notifications your receive on your profiles.

Loomly also lets you schedule your posts in advance across all of the linked platforms. By scheduling posts, you make them reach to your audience at the exact time you desire, which can be a factor in content reach. There is a specific time block in a day where your traffic is at its peak. Scheduling a post to be published at that time increases the chances of a post reaching more people. Changes can be made to the scheduled posts anytime you want before its publishing time. Loomly also gives you an option to preview your posts before publishing them. It displays how your post would look like on its respective platform, once posted. It’s easy to manage and schedule posts in its calendar-like format. You can also opt for a list mode according to preference.

There is a reason Loomly was addressed as a social media marketing tool here. There are already enough social media managers and post scheduling tools already. Loomly also helps with content creation. It keeps suggesting trending topics and what’s popular on social media. The information can be used for created optimized posts that can reach a better audience. There are designated apps for just this purpose. But Loomly incorporates it as a side feature which is a big positive.

Loomly also has an ad manager of its own that helps you create ads. The ads too can be previewed before being published. You can use these ads for better marketing campaigns on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Another amazing feature that you can not find in other such tools is Loomly’s asset management system. Loomly has a content library where you can store photos, videos, and other resources related to your content. All of it is stored on Loomly’s cloud storage. All of it can be accessed whenever required for any purpose. Doing so makes it easy to manage your assets. You don’t have to go searching for them on your computer or mobile when they are needed.

As a cherry on the top, Loomly also features social media analytics. A lot of tools similar to Loomly, usually lack analytics and other technical measures. That’s not the case with Loomly. With these analytics, you can find out different factors that make for more successful posts.

Loomly is not free and has a total of five plans to offer.

First up is the Base plan. Here, you can connect up to 10 accounts that can be used by 2 users. It is priced at $34 per month.

The standard plan comes second priced at $76 per month. It gives you 20 accounts to use with an allowance of 6 users.

The third plan is the Advanced plan. In this plan, you get a total of 35 accounts to be used by up to 16 users at a time.

The fourth plan is named Premium that costs $332 per month. It has a limit of 50 social media accounts and 26 users.

If you want more than that amount of accounts and users, you can opt for the Enterprise plan. The price depends on the numbers of accounts and users availed plus extra added features.

All the plans can be billed on a yearly basis, which reduced their costs by a good portion.

Loomly is a unique tool that combines the features of various social media managers into one. It is perfectly suited for entrepreneurs and small to medium online businesses. The prices can be troubling for some but they are quite justifiable, given the number of useful features. In the end, you can always take a free 15-day trial to see if it is worth it.