A Guide to Motorcycle Clothing & Protective Gear

If you are planning to take to two wheels and experience the thrill of bike riding, it is essential that you are kitted out properly. This guide will help you to acquire the right type of clothing, as well as essential protection that is necessary when riding on the public roads.

Protective Headwear

Of course, your head is a very important part of your body and not one you can afford to lose, which is why you need a correctly fitting crash helmet, preferably a full-face design, as this offers facial and neck protection. Top quality helmets are not cheap, but neither is your life, so it pays to invest in a tried and tested brand.

Leather Clothing

Of all the materials, leather is by far the best as it offers skin protection, should you ever come off the bike. Ask any seasoned biker about leathers and they will own at least one set of leather jacket and pants, while some prefer the one-piece racing suits, as they offer the best protection, with knee and shoulder pads built in. A leather motorcycle jacket should be tight fitting and with some TLC, the jacket should last you a lifetime.

Motorcycle Gloves

These are necessary for two reasons; firstly, they protect your fingers and hands and they also keep your digits warm, essential for safe riding. The online bike dealer would also stock a wide range of motorcycle clothing and gear, so you can order top-quality gloves online.

Motorcycle Boots

Nothing is more important than the safety of the rider and motorcycle boots will provide good protection to your feet and ankles, should you have an accident. The thick, durable leather on motorcycle boots will prevent your skin from getting damaged, plus the boots have great grip and it is a lot more comfortable to ride a bike with boots on your feet because your feet need a smooth surface to be able to engage gears properly. Check out the men’s motorbike boots at Wheels, who are a leading UK bike dealership where you can also get a full range of clothing and accessories.

Hi-Vis Safety Wear

Most riders wear a Hi-Vis vest over their leather jacket, as this helps other road users to see you, so you should invest in a couple of these. Another safety practice is to turn your lights on during the daytime, which helps other road users to be aware of your presence. Click here for an interesting item of news about motorcycling and emus, which happened to be thrown together.

Bluetooth Communication

We now have the tech to insert a pair of micro-speakers into a crash helmet and the rider is given oral instructions from Google Maps, while you can also answer a call while riding if you have the accessory.

Basic Riding Tuition

Aside from learning enough to pass the motorcycle licence test, if you enroll in a basic motorcycle riding course, you will learn how to control your bike in a range of environments and these skillsets will stand you in good stead when you graduate to a superbike.

More and more people in the UK are turning to big bike touring and with the right clothing and protective gear, you are ready for a unique experience as you tour on your big bike.