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A Handy Guide to Use while Planning to Buy a Canopy Tent

Choose the canopy tent that gives you ample space for sitting and standing

Most canopy tents usually come with a height of 11 to 13 feet. There are also some canopies tents that have a ‘peak’ or an elevated portion at their center, so as to provide cover from rainwater. You can choose canopy tents according to your need either for a party or for commercial purposes.

It is advisable not to buy canopy tents of too small size because it will crowd your space and people may find it difficult to move around. A canopy tent with 5 feet or more sidewalls is sufficient enough if you don’t want many people walking under them all at once.

If you have plans to use the canopy tent for outdoor seminars, then opt for canopy tents that have a center height of 8 to 10 feet. If you’re buying canopy tents for your wedding, then go for canopy tents with a ‘peak’ or an elevated portion at their center because it will provide cover from rainwater.

Check the canopy tent’s mesh walls and floor

The canopy tent usually is made of sturdy polyethylene material which is waterproof. This canopy tent has mesh fabric sidewalls and meshes fabric floors too so that people can see through them.

There are also some canopy tents that come with clear PVC sidewalls, but if you wish to buy these canopy tents, then do check whether they have PVC floors or not. Clear PVC may not give you much privacy when using the canopy tent for events like weddings and birthdays.

Go for canopy tents with a canopy cover having a higher UV protection level

The canopy tents available in our showroom have canopy covers made of polyester fabric which comes with a protective coating that gives it a UV protection level of UPF 50+. This means that the canopy tent is resistant to harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, but do also check whether the canopy zippers are watertight or not.

In case you’re buying canopy tents meant for commercial use, then you should buy those which come with an even higher UV protection level. These canopy tents will help ensure that your expensive furniture remains protected from sunlight and does not fade away easily due to exposure to direct sunlight for a long time.

Choose canopy tents with water-resistant canopy seams and canopy zippers

Most canopy tents of the type we offer come with canopy seams and canopy zippers which are water-resistant. However, do also check whether these canopy zippers are rustproof or not.

If you plan to use the canopy tent for outdoor seminars, then you should buy those canopy tents that have canopy zippers that give it high wind resistance too. The fabric used in making the canopy covers of these canopy tents comes with Fire Retardant Treatment (FRT), so there is no need to worry about fire hazards either.

Comfort is very important if you want your visitors to stay long under their canopy tent

The canvas material used for making top brands tents is breathable, so the canopy tent stays comfortable. It does not trap heat and moisture, making it a perfect canopy tent for use during hot summers or during rains too.

Good canopy tents are easily foldable and portable as well. These canopy tents also come with a carrying bag which makes them easy to carry from one place to another.

Choose canopy tents that have a large canopy cover

The canopy tents usually come with a canopy cover of 10 feet x 10 feet as standard size, but can also be custom-made as per your requirement if you’re looking for some really big canopy tents.

Check also for adjustable sidewalls that can fit into any kind of frame design you wish to choose from.

While choosing canopy tents, do check whether the canopy zippers are in a straight line or not, because canopy tents with canopy zippers that run along their diagonal lines will be difficult to zip and unzip.

Check the quality of canopy tent frames

The canopy tents usually come with robust steel frame tubes made from high tensile-strength raw material. You can choose from adjustable height telescopic feet or staked feet depending on the kind of surface you wish to use your canopy tent on.

If you plan to buy canopy tents for commercial use then do consult a professional carpenter who knows all about canopy tent design and manufacture well before making a purchase decision.


So, do check whether canopy tents have an FRT certificate or not before choosing canopy tents for your next big event. You can also go in for a canopy tent with a large canopy cover, but do ensure that the canopy zippers are made of good quality material and are rustproof too.

Buy a canopy tent that is easy to transport from one place to another so you needn’t worry about hiring a lot of equipment and labor to help assemble the canopy tent after reaching the venue where the event will take place.

If you’re organizing seminars or workshops then choose canopy tents that come with adjustable sidewalls too.